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Soon everyone was in Johannesburg, South Africa. We placed the Quinjet not too close but not too far away from the ship itself, leaving Bruce behind because no one was ready to handle a huge green monster called the Hulk.

Before we took off to Johannesburg, Tony quickly made me a suit in the remaining time everyone had to pack their gear and suit up. He handed me over a similar looking catsuit like Natasha's but mine was colored dark Navy blue and black. He also made some changes on my scabbard and made my bonsai swords more sharper and harder to break.

"Look. Ultron has the two enhanced. Pietro and Wanda. Pietro is fast, Wanda is weird so try and stay away from her fluttering hands." Tony said before repeating the whole plan of striking them again. Bruce just had to sit and wait in the jet and not Hulk out.

While me, Natasha and Clint were waiting in the dark for the big entrance Tony requested to have, we heard the voice of Ultron echoing through the ship. "Stark is... he is a sickness!" He yelled and then the 'big' entrance of Tony came. "Ah, junior. You're gonna break your old man's heart." He said landing down in front of Ultron with Thor and Captain behind him.

"Nobody has to break anything" Steve said as Ultron approached the three of them. "Clearly you haven't made an omelet." He fired back. What a humor.

Me, Natasha and Clint were on the same floor, hiding. I had a clear sight on Ultron, Wanda and Pietro's back and I was sure they didn't see me as I was still hiding in the darkest shadow. "Ah yes, he's funny, Mr. Stark. It's what? Comfortable? Like old times?" Pietro said staring down at the big black rockets on the floor beneath him. I sighed when I saw them too. They were probably big enough to make the whole Avengers tower collapse in seconds. "This was never my life." Tony answered following Pietro's gaze towards the rockets.

"You two can still walk away from this." Rogers said to the two teenagers behind Ultron. "Oh, we will." Wanda said while Pietro stood quiet, following the conversation that was going on.

"I think you're confusing 'peace' with 'quiet'." And that's when hell broke loose. Somehow Ultron got Tony thrown against a wall without even touching him with his metal little fingers and other bots who looked a lot like Ultron, but smaller, attacked Captain and Thor.

"That's the sign! That's the sign!" Tony yelled through his comm for me, Nat and Clint to come out of the shadows and attack. Henchmen came from Natasha's side, shooting into her direction making her run away from the bullets. Clint went higher up, shooting all the henchmen that were approaching Natasha or just had a gun in their hands but suddenly got knocked over by a blue blur, "You didn't see that coming?"

And I, I was after the twins, especially Silverboy. I followed his blue blur until it faded and I ended up in a dark hall next to a railing. Natasha and Cap were already busy leaving me alone to fight bots on my way to find that Silverboy bastard.

"Looking for me?" The familiar voice of Pietro spoke up from behind me. I turned around as I put my swords back into my scabbard and made eye contact with a confusing Pietro. His eyes darting from my swords on my back to my hazel brown eyes. "I'm not gonna fight you." "Why is that?" Pietro asked, speeding closer up to me until his features were visible to me.

"Because I saw doubt in you. When Cap said you and your sister still could walk away from all this, all I saw was someone who saw good in us and evil in Ultron. You know Ultron will kill this planet with you and your sister on it."

"You don't know anything about me." He claimed as he sped up closer to me and tried to kick me. Somehow, I saw it coming and dodged it. "I know you don't want this! You don't want a war!" I yelled out as Pietro didn't stop until I was physically hurt by him. "Stop it Pietro!" I yelled out, grabbing one of my swords. When he sped up at me again, I grabbed him by his shoulder, turned him around so his back was faced to me and strangled his throat with my sword so he could have no way to escape.

"Listen up, Silverboy. I know you've seen the real Ultron and you don't want to hurt anyone but Tony. I get it, he's annoying and he ruined yours and your sisters life. But do you want everyone on this Earth to feel the same as you when Ultron will take everyone's loved ones away?" I felt how the once tensed Pietro became calmer again and his breath steadied. "No." He mumbled and that was enough of an answer for me to let him go.

"Then don't fight for him."

He shook his head slowly and I sighed when I placed my sword back into my scabbard. My fists bawled up and I grabbed my gun. I kill the bad guys. He was one of them because he knew what Ultron was capable of but still chose to be by his side. "You're gonna kill me?" He whispered and I shook my head, "Žiadny." No. I whispered as I pointed the gun to his leg. I don't kill anymore but if I can prevent him from running, I would do it. But just when I was about to shoot him I transformed into my 12 year old self. Screaming and crying over the two dead bodies who were my parents. Mom was laying dead on the floor next to the bed while dad was lying dead in front of the door with a blood puddle surrounding him.

I turned around to the almost inaudible blur of Pietro's voice yelling out by the door but there was nobody to see. "Stop! She didn't do anything wrong!" Wanda softly scoffed at Pietro, "She's with them. That's one thing to do wrong."

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