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Almost 3 days past by that Anastasia hasn't let anything hear of herself. She was never like this. She could stay a week away but call me once every day to reassure me she was okay but she didn't this time.

"Werner Von Strucker..." I whispered while typing in his name in the searching bar on google. The only thing I got was a facebook profile full of pictures of him and what I assumed, his dad.

I did everything in my power to find any information. Of course by hacking into his account and read his messages. His last one was to Anastasia herself, talking about a job and tests and to meet him at the bar. Everything Ana basically said over the phone.

Hours passed until the sun was set behind the mountains and the darkness overtook her apartment. The only light that shone was was my own phone shining on my face. If someone was with me they could say I was a zombie. The bags under my eyes went from my skin color to a light grey and purple while my pupils overtook my whole iris until there was nothing but black instead of brown.

I sighed. This man really doesn't talk about anything than bars with people over chat or post pictures with his dad. Wait, his dad...

I clicked on a picture that was recently posted. Nothing was really recognizable on first sight until I zoomed in on. Showing the familiar mountains of Sokovia and the big house that was rumored to be haunted because it was abandoned. Not. When I zoomed in on the building and its many windows it only showed bright lights and sometimes a face passing by.

Anastasia should be there and I'm coming for her.


The sun was down already so it meant that everything would go easier than when the sun is up.

My 2 bonsai swords were hanging over my shoulder while my guns were between my belt and pants. The thick snow blew against my face while I was walking towards the smaller mountains. Let's hope I won't freeze to death before I could be there. That would be an absolute bummer.

My left hand held the hood of my jacket up while my right hand held my gun tightly. My gun aimed at every direction I heard a noice coming from but knowing I'm in the middle of a snowy weather I know no one would be outside, let alone be up in the mountains.

When I approached the house that I could call a castle right now, I hid behind a broken brick wall just far enough to be out of sight from the guard but close enough to see everything happening inside.

I didn't see Werner though but I did see the old man that accompanied him in the pictures. He was walking around with a single eye glass piece balanced on his right eye while he was talking to someone.

When I squinted my eyes and readjusted my position, I could see her, my sister, locked into a cell while the life was drained out of her. I couldn't see if she was dead or not but when I saw the guards drag her out of her cell I saw the lifeless body covered in blood. Tears formed into my eyes as I focused myself on the words the man said. I couldn't hear him but I could read what he was saying.

Another failed experiment. Write her name and her date of death and burry her immediately.

At least he had the decency to burry her and not just throw her away like some sort of trash.

I pulled out my gun and placed it on the brick wall, carefully not to reveal myself to the guards holding post. I closed one eye while my other was focusing on the man and I just when I was about to pull the trigger I got distracted by a flash of wind flowing by.

The night was indeed windy but this kind of wind was something else.

As much as I didn't want to ignore it, I did. My anger and focus was all on that man that killed Ana and not on the wind racing by. My left eye locked target again before the wind flew by again, this time leaving a track of blue with it.

I listened closely to my surrounding before I aimed my gun to my right.

"Wow." The figure next to me whispered. My eyes were still darting on the man while my gun was aimed to the figure next to me.

"Presuňte a vytiahnem spúšť." Move and I will pull the trigger. I slowly grabbed my other gun and aimed it at the man I still had target on. "Stay still for me." I whispered to myself as I watched the man walk around the room.

"Pull it." The figure next to me spoke. I smirked down and looked back up at the silver haired boy next to me with a gun aimed just right in between his brown eyebrows. "As you wish." I responded, pulling the trigger before properly thinking. But it didn't hit him. It hit a brick walk behind him and he smiled when I turned myself around to see him giving me a sly smirk.

How badly I wanted to shoot that smile off his face but there was no reason to spill ammo on this transporter. He just flashed from one place to another, wasting one of my bullets I should've been using on the man in the building himself.

I launched myself forwards in attempt to tackle him so if he was laying in the ground I could knock him out cold but he somehow saw it coming and took a step aside and pushed me down to the floor.

"You didn't see that coming?"

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