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I woke up to nothing in the lab and groaned in pain before standing up. I know what I saw, I know what it did. I had to warn Tony.

I opened the doors to the room where calming music was coming from. Some of the guest looked at me when I was wandering around looking for Tony but their attention soon got back to their drinks and their chit chats.

"Where's Tony?" I asked abruptly almost falling onto the red head when I tripped over my own feet. An assassin who was clumsy, who knew?

The woman from the jet, the red head, set her drink back down and pursed her red lips together and frowned, "Are you okay? You look like you just got hit by lightning? Did Thor do that to you?"

I frowned myself and shook my head, "What? No! Where is Tony? It's important." She pointed into the direction of Tony who stood with Thor, a short haired woman and another man whom I didn't know.

"Tony." I spoke out breathlessly interrupting the dark skin man who told a joke which none of them laughed about.

"Hey, here you are. I couldn't find you in your room."

"I was in the lab. Uhm- yellow and blue lights. Blue attacked yellow and me." I said fast and short, hoping he'd understand what I was talking about. "Are you sure?" He asked. His eyes darting from me to the man who filled the gates of hell wit- I should really know their names.

"Stay here. I need to talk to Bruce for a second."

Bruce. Noted.

I awkwardly stood between the short haired woman and Thor while I played with my bracelet. "So... alcohol." I played off cool. "Something you can't drink in America, yet." The short haired woman commented making me frown. "In Europe we can." "You aren't there anymore, are you?" She winked before walking off with the dark skinned man, leaving me alone with Thor.

He pointed at himself, "Thor Odinson. God of Thunder." He said. His way of introducing himself was short but good enough for me. I smiled, so he is a God. I pointed at myself, mocking him with a playful grin on my face, "Elena Angeloff. God of..." she drifted off as she thought about what she could say.

"Angels." She grinned and he laughed. "Suitable." He responded. His smile showing his bright white teeth that could blind anyone within a 1 kilometer radius. I could stare at that for a long time.

Maybe I said that too soon. His smile was gone when a high pitched noise echoes through the room. By now everyone was gone but Clint, Steve, Tony, Thor, Bruce, red head, short hair, dark skin and a doctor.

I turned around to the entrance just like everyone did and we looked confused at what looked like a broken robot walking around.

"You are all killers." It began making guilt flow through my bones. Was it a good idea to come here? To America? Maybe it was. But maybe it wasn't a good idea to be with them. I should have seen it earlier but they were people where trouble follows them.

"Stark?" Steve frowned. "JARVIS." Tony responded and the broken robot shook his head. "Sorry. I was asleep."

That voice. I know that voice. It was the same voice of the blue light source.

"Blue." I whispered making the robot's attention turn to me. "I hope I haven't hurt you too much." Everyone's head snapped to me and Thor took a step forward with a protecting hand in front of me.

"There was this terrible noise... and I was tangled in... in... strings." He looked around him where he was still covered in strings. "I had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy."

The robot said things with the familiar voice of Tony. I guess it was a recording of him and then Bruce shot up from the couch with wide eyes. "Ultron."

I saw how Thor grabbed his hammer a bit tighter, how the short haired woman pulled the safety off her gun. That was my sign to grab ahold of my sword. Singular form. I left my other one in my new room as I didn't think it was needed. I was wrong, 'I was really wrong' was what popped into my head as soon as everyone got attacked by more of those robots. The first thing that flew in the air was a table that Steve used as protection.

Thor smashed a robot. Steve got thrown against a bookshelf. The dark skinned man got thrown out of the window onto the floor where the jet was parked. The short haired woman started shooting. Tony ran towards who knew where. Clint hid under a table, what was really dumb because everyone could see him, but who am I to judge? Bruce and the red head ducked behind the bar. And I slammed my sword into one of the robots before I hid under the table with Clint.

I saw how one of the robots grabbed the scepter and how Steve jumped up in the air to grab him from behind and immediately got pushed to the wall and fell down. "Awtch." I hissed earning a glare from Clint next to me.

Everyone ran their separate ways towards one of the bots. Either stabbing, kicking, or shooting them. Until I came in with ripping one of their heads off. Clint looked at me with wide eyes. "You're 17?" "And a half."

Soon all the 3 bots were crumbled into pieces and the other bot, Ultron, was slowly walking away.

"That was dramatic. You want to protect the world but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to evolve? There's only one path to peace. The Avenger's extinction."

That's what he said. Before my sword cut off his head.

"I had strings, but now I'm free." He sang softly as his light dimmed and no signs of life was detected.

"That felt good." I said with a small victory dance attached to it. I looked at the people around me and stopped my victory dance as they didn't look pleased with it.

"That wasn't the end was it?" I asked unsure, pointing at the dead Ultron bot.

They all shook their heads.

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