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A big metal fish looking construction was the first thing I saw. You really can go further than a Cola inspired suit.

"Thor, I got eyes on the prize." The man said as he approached a blue radiating crystal that was placed in a scepter.

"Watch out!" I yelled out when I saw a brunette approaching him from behind, her hands radiating a red aura. She fluttered her fingers around his face and his eyes glowed the same color like the aura escaping her fingers. She somehow had the man standing still, doing nothing but stare at the scepter.

I grabbed my swords and as soon as the sounds of my swords echoed through the room, she was gone. Leaving me alone with the man who was daydreaming. He looked blankly in front of him and the only thing that moved were his pupils. It was rolling from left to right and it was going insane. It was like he was seeing things that weren't there.

"Hey! Earth to you!" I tried snapping him awake but it didn't quiet help. I tried slapping him, twice actually. I tried snapping him awake by threatening him that I was going to murder him with my swords, what was a really idiotic thing to see if someone was in that room too. And I kicked him, in the balls, and normally that should wake up a man but it didn't quiet do what I thought it would. He stood emotionlessly and all I could do was sit by and wait for him to come back from wherever he was.

He snapped back awake in a minute and looked around terrified. I stood back up from the ground I was sitting on and looked at him with worry. "Are you okay?" I asked, straightening my clothes and stepping closer to the man. "I'm fine." "You were in trans by the girl." "Who?" He asked, still looking around like he was searching answers.

"A brunette about my age. She fluttered her hands around your face and you were gone suddenly."

The man grunted and sighed a second after, "Did you kick me in the balls?"

I shook my head and gave him an innocent smile, "Why should I?"

Without answer he raised his hands and the hand part of the red suit came flying by and covered his right hand before he grabbed the scepter.

"Who are you?"

"Jelena Angeloff. I prefer to be called Elena."

He looked me up and down and he gave me a warming smile. A warm smile I haven't seen since my parents died.

"Where are your parents?"

I looked around, refusing to look the man in his eyes out of fear to get pitied. I hated looking at people who gave me a pity look once they found out I had no parents nor family, only my sister, whom I lost now too.


"Other Family?"


He went quiet and after a time I looked back up to him. There was no pity on his face, there was still that heartwarming smile and I must say, it felt good to receive one.

"I'm Tony. Are you in for a trip to America?"


Before I knew, I shared a jet with 6 strangers while one of them was lying unconsciously on a medical bed. I picked up 3 of the strangers names, Clint, the one unconscious, Steve, the one in the blue and red suit that was totally unnecessary and Tony, the Coca-Cola can guy.

I know I'm half American myself but I must say; those fully Americans are weird.

"Thor, report on the Hulk." The red headed woman yelled out to a man that had incredible huge muscles and also an unnecessary costume. Like come on, you aren't a God or something. To tip the Halloween costume off, he had a hammer with him. A hammer. Who drags around a hammer with them?

"The gates of Hell are filled with the screams of his victims!" The man, apparently called Thor, said clapping his hands together as he smiled proudly at his friend who groaned softly in respond while burying his head in his hands. Steve, who stood behind the muscular man, was laughing just like I did and he walked up to me before he sat down himself.

"Hello there, we haven't properly met yet." His hand stuck out for me to shake and I shook it shyly. "Steve Rogers." He introduced. "Jelena Angeloff. You can call me Elena." He smiled and leaned against the metal wall of the jet before he closed his eyes to get some sleep.

"But not the screams of the dead, of course. No, no, wounded screams. Mainly whimpering, a great deal of complaining and tales of sprained deltoids and gout."

I smiled widely while I tried not to laugh and I saw how Steve chuckled in his 'sleep'. Clearly, he was still following the conversation between his friends.

"We need to find out what else this has been used for." Steve said suddenly wide awake as he sped towards the box with the scepter in it. "I don't just mean weapons. Since when is Strucker capable of human enhancement?"

"We'll find that out," Tony said after a long sigh, "after the party."

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