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"How did you know we were here?" I questioned, my eyebrows were frowned together as I still tried to lower Clint's bow.  "I followed the jet." "But how did you end up here the same time we landed?"

"I'm fast if you didn't know that yet."
Pietro joked making Clint grumble annoyed and stretch his bow more which made the grin on Pietro's face disappeared as soon as it appeared.

"You were right. We don't want Earth to suffer because we did. Ultron is the bad guy. Not the Avengers." Pietro explained, his hands slowly dropping to his sides the same time Clint dropped his bow. He sighed and I looked up to him. "Okay. Come on, follow me." Clint said as he walked away. Clint and I didn't trust them entirely but Pietro's words seemed sincerely when he said he didn't want the world to suffer.

I gave Clint a crooked smile while my eye twitched with not being comfortable that the Maximoff twins were walking behind us. They could literally just stab us in the back and speed away but yet I felt like I trusted Pietro enough not to do that. Also, if they did stab us in the back, I was pretty sure Steve would behead the twins with just a swing of his shield. "I see what you think, yet, my brother is fast enough to pick me up and dodge the shield." Wanda whispered in my ear as she brushed past me. The witch can read minds.

We entered the house where Clint's wife and children ran up to him while the rest of the team just awkwardly stood by. "Little humans." Thor muttered and Steve corrected him as he eyed the young girl in front of him, "Children."

"What are they doing here?" Tony asked, anger filling his voice when he saw the twins entering. "We got extra people on the team." I explained and Tony sighed, still staring suspiciously at the twins. The whole team watched the twins carefully, ready to take action whenever they would even think about doing a wrong move.

"Some of you have to share a room." Laura, Clint's wife said and everyone frowned and murmured to each other. No one was ready to actually share a room. Tony sharing a room with whoever would end up arguing  24/7. Bruce would get jealous if the red headed Natasha shared her room with a man that wasn't him and let's not talk about Thor that would be taking in the whole bed if you were forced to sleep next to him.

"Maybe," Natasha spoke up, eyeing me and then Bruce, "Bruce and I could share while the 3 teenagers here could share a bed." "Excuse me, what?" I responded quickly, staring Natasha up and down in unbelief.

Thor quickly walked out of the house while everyone was distracted, mostly me arguing with Natasha about my roommates. Steve followed Thor outside and soon the living room had 2 persons less in it. "Keep an eye out for them." Natasha whispered into my ear as she slightly pushed me towards the twins.

I walked up the stairs with Pietro and Wanda following me with every step I took. I opened the door to our new room where we'll be living in for who knows how long and I sighed when I saw the kingsize bed. At least they gave us a bed big enough for three people to share. "How do we..." I started, staring at the bed while Pietro and Wanda ran towards it, claiming both the sides of the bed leaving a blank spot open between them.

I opened the closet and found a couple clothes for the three of us to wear. I grabbed myself a black shirt and some grey sweatpants and disappeared into the bathroom after Wanda came out of it with fresh new clothes while her old ones were lying on the couch.

"Don't use all the warm water." Pietro warned with a forced small smile and I nod.

15 minutes later I hopped out of the shower and opened the door as the steam escaped the bathroom into the bedroom. Pietro looked up from the bed to me exiting the room full of steam. My shirt was still stuck on my skin due the water while lose hair strands stuck on my face.

"You used all the warm water didn't you?" Pietro asked and I nod.

"Where's your sister?" I asked abruptly, looking around the room to see no red head. Pietro pointed at the window and I immediately walked towards it and looked outside to see Tony and Steve cutting wood with their axes with a little help of Wanda. Suddenly Steve ripped a whole loaf with his bare hands and just as Wanda and Tony who stood by, me and Pietro were shocked by it.

"I should shower." Pietro suddenly said with a husky voice which made the small tiny hairs on my back stand up. "Okay." I whispered as he walked away. The warmth of his body that radiated on me was now gone and the cold hit my bare arm again. I looked back out of the window to see Wanda looking up to me smirking girlish and I narrowed my eyes at her until she looked away.


The moon set above the sky sooner than we thought. Everyone was quiet around the dining table. Only the children of Laura exchanged words with each other while everyone quietly ate what they have been served. The only sound that echoed through the room was the screeching sound of forks hitting knifes and spoons hitting plates.

"I love your home, Laura." I blurred out, breaking the silence and Clint laughed, "You're still not getting a separate room." "I could've tried." And soon everyone started talking and laughing until the food was nothing but cold and mostly untouched.

After diner me, Natasha and Wanda did the dishes as we thought it would be best for Laura not to do any hard work with the fetus growing in her stomach. Wanda was there because Natasha didn't trust her enough to leave her all alone with her brother so she kindly invited her to help us do the dishes. "So, Bruce and u?" I asked grinning as I grabbed the wet plate Wanda gave to me, wiping it dry and handing it over to Natasha who set it back in place. "Please, Elena. No." She snapped. "Okay." I muttered shocked, my hands rising up in surrender while me and Wanda shared a smile at each other. A friendly smile as if we were actually friends, a smile that would make the two of us trust each other maybe a bit more than before.

At 11pm the halls were clear and everyone was lying in their bed already. And man, was Silverboy a shifter in his sleep. I nudged him in the back and he quickly spun around to face me, "What, princezná?" He whispered tiredly and I shook my head at the pet name. "You were shifting too much to my liking, Silverboy." He chuckled at my pet name to him and pushed his covers a bit down, showing his eyes. "I am sorry." He apologized. His blue eyes were slightly sparkling and I didn't know it was even possible in a room without light. "It's okay." I whispered back as I stood up from the bed, careful not to wake up Wanda.

"Where you going, Angel?" "How many pet names do you have for me, Maximoff?" "Just two." I slightly chuckled and looked at the shining red numbers on Wanda's nightstand. I shifted slightly when I caught Pietro staring at me and just when I caught him, he looked away. I scoffed and turned my back to him and grabbed hold on the doorknob.

I tried leaving the room with no answer to Pietro and he stood up himself as soon as I turned the doorknob. "Where are you going?" He repeated. I looked back at him and then back at Wanda who groaned in her sleep. "Go back to sleep, Pietro." "Not without you."

My eyes widened and I heard Wanda chuckle underneath the thick layers of blankets.

"That sounded wrong, let me rephrase that." Pietro started. I saw in the bit of lightning that was shining from the moon in the room that his cheeks were reddening up and I smirked. "No worries." I reassured him, leaving the room with the confused boy in it. I heard the door behind me open again but refused to look back because I already knew who it was. Pietro, the curious speedster who sped up to me grabbed hold on my wrist once down at the kitchen and I narrowed my eyes at his hands which he immediately let go off.

I grabbed my two swords from behind the couch and threw one to Pietro who quickly caught it. "If you aren't sleeping anytime soon, you might as well help me train." I explained as I opened the front door to the porch and its steady ground welcomed me immediately.

"As you wish, Angel."

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