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"Stark, I got the cradle. I'm coming to you." Clint announced through the comm and I smiled proudly at Tony and Pietro. "Is everyone alright?" I asked and soon my smile faded when Steve started speaking up. "We lost Natasha. Civilians have died because a train ran into a crowded street. Wanda stopped it fast enough before it could hit the market place." Steve announced and the three of us went quiet. "Take care." I whispered before the line went dead.

We all said our goodbyes to the NEXUS employees before we all went back to the Avengers tower. Tony flying while me and Pietro ran, actually, he ran, I was just in his arms.

Everyone gathered in the lab and around the cradle. The Maximoff's started hugging each other tightly once they saw each other.

Steve walked away leaving all the rest alone. The Maximoff's followed him to wherever Steve was going, leaving me alone with Bruce, Tony and Clint. "I'm... I'm going to trace Natasha." Clint muttered, walking away to a small tech room underneath the lab. "I'll help." I offered as I followed the archer down the stairs.


"It's her!" I sheered, shaking Clint awake from his nap. He wiped the sleep out of his eyes before his hands darted to the sound waves on the computer which were made by Natasha's comm. "What's she saying?" I asked, not understanding the sound waves movement. I assumed they were moving in morse code. "Sokovia. She is in Sokovia." Clint whispered. I was happy, happy we traced her and happy that she was alive and well enough to properly think to send us a signal. She was alive.

Yet our smile faded when we heard the Captain yell on the floor above us. "I'm gonna say this once!" He yelled and Clint and I ran up the stairs towards the lab in an instant. Pietro immediately locked eyes with me before his eyes dazzled back to Steve, not wanting to look away from me yet still forcing himself to do it otherwise. "What's happening here?" I asked confusingly before Steve and Tony turned to me. "He's trying to fix things. Make things worse." Wanda interjected before any of the others could speak up. I darted my eyes to the cradle that had many wires attached to it before looking at Tony. "You can't bring that alive. It's created by Ultron." I warned him hut the man ignored me.

"Shut it down, Stark!" Steve yelled out and Tony acted surprised at the sudden demand. "Nope, not gonna happen." He said as he returned to working on the cradle just as Bruce did.

"This isn't a game..." Steve warned him once more. His eyes turning black from madness caused by the stubborn billionaire.

A flash of wind went around the whole lab leaving its trail of blue behind. Pietro destroyed all the lab equipment and at last he threw a wire that was attached to the cradle to the ground in front of Stark. He sped up next to me and smirked daringly at Tony, "Go on."

The whole lab started going crazy when Steve threw his shield at the equipment that wasn't already ruined by Pietro and destroyed it immediately. Tony raised his hand that soon had red metal around it before he blasted Steve against a wall. This was a fight where I had to choose who to fight for. But I didn't as I watched the whole scene happening in front of me. Tony was basically trying to blast Steve's eyes off while Bruce had Wanda from behind, his arm around his throat so she couldn't move. "Go on, piss me off." He said loud enough for me, Clint and Pietro to hear. Pietro chose Steve's side when he kicked Bruce away from his sister and together they were fighting the almost green Bruce.

"Stop it! All of you! Before Bruce turns green!" I started yelling and quietness flew across the room. I darted my eyes at the Maximoff's before looking at Bruce who was struggling on the floor. I pushed my way towards the doctor, slightly annoyed that the Maximoff's actually dared to piss him off. Bruce was on the ground as his hands were bawled up into fists. "I'm okay." He whispered getting back up again without the green veins popping out of his head like before. "Thank you." He whispered, giving me a quick hug before I turned around.

"Look what Ultron does to us! We should be fighting him! Not each other! We should be saving Natasha..."

Everyone looked guilty at me before Steve nod, "You're right." "Of course I am."

We turned around at the sound of glass shattering to see Thor jumping into the lab via the window. He slid across the room, imitating Micheal Jackson as he completely ignored everyone. We all approached him confusingly before he jumped up the cradle and rose his hammer. Electricity bolts ran across the room towards his Mjolnir before he faced it to the cradle, sending lighting bolts to it and powering it up.

System overload.

The computers beeped out of control and everyone's eyes widened. What the hell was that oaf doing? Before we knew it, the cradle bursted open and light flashed out of it. An explosion happened, sending parts of the cradle around the entire room. Which was extremely dangerous. Everyone took that as a clue to duck or hide behind something but some of us were too close to the bursting cradle and had to improvise.

Steve shielded him and Wanda from the flying parts while Tony, Bruce and Clint were fast and far enough to hide behind tables while Pietro grabbed me and sped about 2 feet away from the explosion. A metal part hit him in the back and he fell down, taking me with him. And Thor, Thor was just blown away by the explosion due the fact he was standing on the cradle itself.

Everyone looked up at he mysterious figure standing up. It was as red as the blood dripping off Pietro's forehead. I grunted in pain when I realized I landed with my flat back on glass and stood up, with the help of a wounded Pietro. I looked at his scar on his head before mouthing a 'thank you'. He saved me. He grabbed me and sped away fast enough for me not to get hit by any metal objects flying around the room while he caught one on his back for me. Only me and Pietro had scars and hell did we look good with it.

Everyone looked at the red man standing quietly on the cradle. He huffed and puffed but did nothing until Thor stood up from the ground and he attacked him. Thor being the muscular hunk he was, threw him out of the lab to the 'party room' if that's what I can call it. Before his body could meet the glass window he got his balance and flew just a couple inches away from the window, looking over the city while he was still flying above the ground.

We all took the stairs to the 'party room' that was just beneath the lab. I saw how he looked at his own reflection, looking at his red features. He turned around and dropped down to the floor, making him a suit and a cape along the way.

"I'm sorry..." the figure said once Thor stood next to him and everyone was crowded around them, a few feet away from the red man as we didn't trust him to be close to us. He was after all Ultron's creation. "That was odd." He continued while he eyed everyone in the room quietly.

Thor set his Mjolnir down on a close by table before he approached the man closer and closer.

"Thor, you helped create this?" I asked earning everyone's attention. Thor's eyebrows raised and he looked back at the man.

"I had a Vision."

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