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As soon as we landed the red headed woman, the man who somehow "filled the gates of hell with the screams of his victims" and the unconscious man, Clint, left the building with a doctor. After that, Thor left with the scepter leaving me, Steve and Tony alone in the jet. A woman walked in with an iPad in her hand and announced that NATO got them, whoever they were.

"The two Enhanced?" Steve asked approaching the woman who showed her iPad to him and I saw a glimpse of it while helping Tony with the jet.

"Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Twins. Orphaned at 10 when a shell collapsed their apartment building."

I looked down to my feet at what she said, memories and multiply bad memories flew all the way into my head.

He and I had a bit in common actually. Being an orphan at a really young age and being a twin. At least he still has his sister.

Soon the two adults were gone leaving me alone with Tony, cleaning up the remaining stuff in the jet.

"How old are you, Elena?" Tony asked when he walked out of the jet, me following him after like a lost puppy. And that I was, I haven't been in America since I was 8. "Seventeen." I answered shortly, looking around with big eyes at the building I was in. Modern and white.

"Do you wanna stay in America?" He asked as he paid no attention to me looking confused and bedazzled at him.


"You heard me."

"Well, I have no intentions to go back to Sokovia and live the life I was living there."

"You want to stay here? Like, with me, Steve... the Avengers."

"The who?" He turned around to face me and squinted his eyes, "You really don't know who we are, do you?" He threw up his phone before catching it back in his hand before he turned his back to me to walk further down the hall.

"If you have no life to go back to, I offer you a stay here." "You do?"

He didn't know my history. He didn't know what happened to my parents... to my sister. He didn't know anything about me but he trusted me enough to offer me a place at his gigantic home. He didn't know I used to be a killer for a living. I only killed bad guys though, drugs dealers and murders. He would understand right? Or would he kick me out? I didn't want him to know the truth. Not now, not yet.

"JARVIS. Search data about Jelena Angeloff." He yelled out and a voice in the building started speaking. "Of course, mister Stark."

I gasped and he turned around. "Something wrong?" He asked and I looked down. That was it. The good dream ends right now, right here.

"Jelena Angeloff. Half Sokovian, half American. Parents killed and recently her sister that has been reported in the HYDRA's database too. Graduated 2 days ago and is in the Sokovian's police database saved as a suspect of several murder crimes."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Did you kill?" He asked and I opened up my eyes again before slowly nodding my head. "Why?" He asked but without disgust in his voice like I thought there would be.

"My sister and I couldn't live on the streets and we both wanted to finish school and get a diploma. We were too young to work so I got small jobs. I killed bad guys. Only bad guys. I didn't kill woman or children. I had to survive. We had to survive. I hated it, but it was the only way to stay off the streets and have a life."

"Okay." He shortly answered like it didn't really matter to him. "Don't feel bad about your past. I'll show you your room." And minutes later I stood in my new room. It was probably bigger than my whole kitchen and bedroom together.

"Rest out and I'll meet you back later."


Hours later when I cleaned myself up I started walking around the building so I could see how the building looks like from the inside because so far I have only seen my bedroom and the halls that lead to it.

I passed by a room that was brightly lightened and I opened the door to see a lab with technology I have never seen but that time when I first met Tony. What was today. Strange how my life could turn so drastically in 24 hours. My day began in Sokovia being imprisoned by Silverboy and ended up with me being in America in a high tech building.

I walked towards where the lights were coming from and came face to face with two light sources. A yellow one and a blue one. One of them, I guess the yellow one, yelling to stop until it finally begged for it to stop. Like it was feeling pain. It looked hurtful though. The blue source was attacking the yellow one and I stepped back in fear.

My back hit a cart and by my movement a scissor dropped down to the floor. The room went dead silence before a low voice spoke up making me swallow deeply in fear.

"Why hello there." Was the last thing I heard when a bolt of blue lightning was coming my way and shocked me unconscious.

Okay so, I've just seen the Infinity War Big game spot video and I am so shook. Like what the hell is happening. I am so excited for the movie but also deadass scared. If Tony dies, I'm going to die with him.

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