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While wandering through the halls I've never seen before I wondered why I wasn't attacked by a guard yet.

Suddenly the sound of guns blasting echoed through the halls and it didn't came from the inside. It came from the outside world. A world I haven't seen in a day as I was locked up.

I grabbed my 2 bonsai swords from behind me and continued my running through the halls that never seemed to come to an end.

I looked outside from the few small windows and saw a red figure flying around. What the hell was this kind of place? They had a silver haired transporter that left a blue wind behind him and now a human sized Coca-Cola can that flew around the building.

"Report to your stations immediately. This is not a drill. We are under attack. We are under attack."

And then I saw men, that I now convinced myself of were soldiers, in the distance running around with guns. I quickly stepped into a room that was just on my left and quietly closed the door behind me, careful not to make any sound.

I turned back around to see a room full of computers. I grabbed a chair and seethed myself in front of one that was already open and just shining a blue light. It was like it was asking to get hacked and get its information stolen.

While the sounds of blasts got louder it didn't intimidate me. Maybe this place had answers to why my sister was killed. It was most likely that they had but the lingering feeling of knowing they had something to do with the death of my parents was suffocating. I opened a drawer hoping I'd find a USB-stick in it but without luck I opened a drawer full with empty pens and blank papers. I opened another one and there it was, a shining red USB-stick lying against a small little cookie box.

I grabbed the USB-stick, immediately put it into the computer and ignored the alarms going off in the room I currently was in hacking.

Downloading files. 12% completed.

"Hey!" The doors blasted open with heavily guarded men pointing their guns at me as they motioned me to stand op from the chair and walk away from the computer to the middle of the room. I looked down at my swords lying on the floor but it was too far away for me to reach out without getting shot. And my guns were gone too. Since I escaped from that small little cell and from Pietro the Silverboy I haven't seen my gun. I know it was in that room but I was too focused on escaping out of this mad house.

"Hands above your head!"

I slowly raised my hand to the back of my head as my eyes searched to every corner of the room for any distraction, way out or weapon to use against the men. Unfortunately, it was just a normal tech room with nothing but computers and desks.

Suddenly, glass behind me shattered and I closed my eyes in fear if I would move they start shooting immediately before I could even say my last words what probably would be 'suck my ass' like graduation day.

The guns fired but not at me but at whatever was behind me. "Guys, stop. We gotta talk this through." Someone said behind me, probably the person that somehow shattered the glass and wasn't killed by the bullets. One wrong more and I could be lying dead on the ground, I kept repeating to myself.

Suddenly the gun shooting stopped and I slowly opened my eyes and dropped my hands to my side. I had no scratch on me. Instead all the men that were about to shoot me were laying around on the ground beneath me. 

"It was a good talk." The person said from behind me and I slowly turned around.

"No, it wasn't." One of the men cried out.

I faced myself with the flying Coca-Cola man I saw earlier passing by the small window I was looking at and he landed in front of me with a proud attitude.

"Why didn't you shoot me?" I asked with a high-pitched voice out of fear. He just shot down 10 men in once, he could've shot me too but he chose not.

"Before I came, their guns were all pointed to you so my guess is that you aren't one of them and there would be no need to hurt you."

"Okay." I squeaked before stepping away and walking towards the computer I stuck the USB-stick in.

"What are you doing?" The suit opened up and it revealed an older man stepping out of it, I would place the age of 40+ on his face. He walked around the room while the suit was scanning the room.

"Downloading files." I responded, smiling when the computer showed me that the transaction was completed.

Files downloaded. 100% completed.

"Fun." He responded mindlessly as he placed himself in front of a computer while he was doing his thing but with more advanced material than a simple USB-stick.

"I know they're hiding more than files." He mumbled as he looked around, finally making eye contact with me and softly smiling.

"The room to your left. I'm reading steel reinforcement."

My eyes widened when the red Cola can suit began to talk and I cocked my head in confusion before I walked towards it. My hands slipped around the metal, feeling every detail of the suit on my fingers. Impressive.

"Please be a secret door. Please be a secret door." The man whispered to himself as he placed his hands on the wall and pushed it. "Yay." He quietly cheered when the wall moved back and indeed revealed a secret room.

I picked up my bonsai swords and swung them behind my back as I followed the man into the room, something I shouldn't do but curiosity was always something that was a part of me since I was a toddler.

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