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"The whole team is down." Is what I heard Steve say through the comms. I shook my head awake and wiped away the tears rolling down my cheeks. This nightmare was more than a nightmare, it felt real, it was real. I stumbled back up to see if there was any sign left of Pietro and dropped my head back in disappointment.

"Elena?" Thor whispered confusingly when I helped him back up. I was on my way to the jet but stumbled onto a helpless God instead. "Are you okay?" I asked. Thor blinked a couple of times before he sighed, "That witch..." "She did the same to me." I responded. Thor kept on panting and his breathing wasn't going to be normal any time soon. I dragged him across the ship to the exit, "Where are you guys?" I asked tired from dragging the God once I activated my comm. Immediately I got a reply of Steve which made me slowly drop Thor on the floor, not able to drag such a weight with me for longer than 5 more minutes. I sat down next to him and sighed at the lost looking Thor. "Almost at the exit. Where are you?" "Almost there too but it's impossible for me to drag Thor." I glanced back over at him before leaning against the railing, looking down at the mess that has been made by the team. "I'm coming to help." Steve announced before the comms went quiet again.

Minutes later an exhausted looking Steve walked in and threw his hand around Thor just like I did, pulling him with us towards the exit and to the jet.


Not even an hour later we were all siting back in the jet. The mind tricks of Wanda were all done and everyone was themselves again. Some of us more traumatized than the other. And with that I meant Bruce. He couldn't bare to say anything, not even to Natasha. He just destroyed a whole city so nobody really shouldn't comment on his behavior when he wasn't himself back there.

The quietness broke when the radio with Maria's voice went off. All our attention snapped to her voice hoping for any good news, but most of us were sure there wasn't any. "The news is loving you guys. Nobody else is. There's been no official call for Banner's arrest but it's in the air." I leaned my head against Bruce's shoulder while my hand rested in my lap. "It's gonna be okay." I whispered, reassuring him and earning a small and thankful smile of him before he closed his eyes and leaned his head against mine.

"How's the team?" Maria asked and I looked around to jet to see everyone either frowning or looking down absently. After all what happened I don't blame them for not trying to set up a smile.

"Everyone's..." Tony drifted off, not knowing how he could answer on that. The team was devastated. Knowing that the people didn't feel save with us anymore made us that. "We took a hit. We'll shake it off." Tony answered avoiding the question. "Well, for now, I'd stay in stealth mode and stay away from here." She suggested making Tony bend down to the screen where Maria was displayed.

"So, run and hide?" "Until we can find Ultron, I don't have a lot else to offer." Tony sighs deeply as he looked around at the team. "Neither do we." The call ended and sleep washed over me until I drifted off into a not so peaceful and comfortable sleep.


"Wake up, Elena." Bruce said, nudging me in the shoulder to wake me up. The sun shone brightly into my eyes and I closed them again before I stood up and walked over to Clint who tried to land the jet. "Where are we?" "A safe house." He shortly answered as he landed the yet and opened the back door. He, compared to anyone else, was actually looking excited to be here. I trailed behind Steve and soon I sniffed up the smell of trees and grass. A smell I haven't sniffed up in ages. I always lived in a city with a small total of trees in it.

I looked over the hill, down to a white house with a barn not far away from it. It was a small farm and I never felt so warm just seeing a house.

I was the last one besides Clint to leave the Quinjet and the both of us turned around when we heard a small riffle coming from the woods where he parked the Quinjet. "Who's there?" I called out as I grabbed out my swords while Clint grabbed his bow and arrows.

"It's us! It's us. Don't shoot." The familiar voice of Pietro Maximoff yelled as he raised his hands up in surrender. Wanda stalked behind him, scared that Clint or me would thrill holes in her with our weapons the moment we saw her. While I lowered my sword, Clint had his pointy arrow pointing to the twins. "What the hell are you doing here? Where is Ultron?" Clint yelled out angrily but the twins shook their heads. "No! No! It's just us!" Wanda stepped away from behind Pietro with her hands up high and I got the idea that they ran away from him.

I placed my hand on Clint's bow, lowering it but he didn't take it. If looks could kill, Pietro and Wanda were badly hurt already. In his head he stabbed them a hundred times while arrows stuck out of their eyes. I swear.

"Why are you here Maximoffs?" I asked as Clint stood defensively next to me and eying the twins suspiciously.

"We came here because you were right."

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