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I was sitting in my new room. Rewinding what happened to me and the others just a half hour ago. And it haunted me. It wasn't dead, Ultron wasn't dead yet.

I scrolled down into every file that was downloaded into the USB-stick that was now sticking into my very own computer.

Tony and the rest were down at the lab. Not wanting to get me there, Tony sent me to my room. I didn't mind. I needed space after all what happened. It wasn't the attack of Ultron that made me need space, it was everything in general. My life taking a big loop from having nothing to having everything again and with everything I mean a family. I may know them for a day but I honestly feel safe with Clint and Tony already and I know it will change for the rest of them too.

While scrolling through every classified file. A file showed up the names of everyone they experimented on and it showed several videos of strangers being mentally en physically abused. Until they all ended up in death. I couldn't bare open Anastasia's file so I skipped forward until the name 'Pietro Maximoff' popped up. I clicked it open and a video started playing.

"Name." A voice behind the camera demanded. "Pietro Maximoff." He had wires stuck everywhere in his body and I assumed it was the physical test. His hair was as brown as my eyes and it hung loosely above his shoulder. The curls bounced with every movement he made. His hair was the total opposite of what it was now. The wires lit up blue with a liquid running through it pumping his body with the liquid as he screamed out bloody screams but no words as "stop" and "please" escaped his lips. Not like the others. He wanted it much more than them.

I closed the video and stared blankly at the many more files of Pietro before I opened the 'process' file. Nothing unusual until on the 5th day he could run faster and on the 12th day his hair turned silver. I stared blankly at a picture of him and his sister. His hair was wildly in his face while he was wearing a black adidas jacket while her sister had a dress on and her hands were radiating the same aura as today with Tony.

He was a speedster. Not a transporter. That explains the blue stroke of wind behind him.


The sun shone through the curtains making me groan but stand up immediately. The time difference made it impossible for me to stay one more minute longer in bed. It was about 5pm in Sokovia and I never lay in bed further than 1pm. But here in America it was just 10am. I guess everyone was wide awake already. That's typical adults. Their definition of 'waking up late' is 9am.

Soon I was in the room where everything happened the day before. Ultron, the bots, the fight... I stared around at the shattered glass, broken tables and small pieces of the bots were still spread around the room while the bigger parts were somewhere else, probably with Tony.

I looked up to see Clint looking over the shattered scene and smiled when he saw me looking up at him. I joined him on the floor above and smiled again. "Hope you slept well." He said and I moved my head into a particular movement, somewhere between nodding and shaking it.

"Barton, might have something." A voice said, pulling Clint's attention away from me to Steve. Steve nod when he saw me standing just behind Clint and motioned for the both of us to follow him.

"What's this?" Tony asked when he got handed over an iPad with a picture of a death person on it.

"A message. Ultron killed-" "Strucker." I mumbled over Tony's shoulder, looking down at the picture of the man lying dead with bloody 'peace' written over the wall behind him.

"Why send a message when you've just given a speech?" Natasha asked. I learned every Avenger's name as it was somehow in the files on the USB-stick. I learned the most important things about them. Bruce could turn into a green monster. Thor is a Norse God and his brother tried to concur the Earth. Tony was a flying billionaire, but I could've already guessed that by the building he was living in. Steve was more than 90 years old and his other name is Captain America, talk about how much you love your country. Clint has arrows and shoots them. And Natasha used to be an assassin. Good to know I wasn't the only one.

"Strucker knew something that Ultron wanted us to miss." Steve replied earning everyones attention in the room. He crossed his hands and looked away towards the window where several buildings covered the horizon.

"Yeah," Natasha spoke up as files opened up in the computer in front of her, "everything we had on Strucker's been erased."

"Not everything." I said, grabbing the USB-stick out of my pockets and showing the red stick to the people around me.

Everyone smiled at me and for once I felt a bit special while being surrounded by one of the mightiest heroes.


"Strucker had a lot of friends." Bruce said scrolling on the computer and immediately getting stopped by Tony slapping Bruces hand away from the mouse. "I know that guy." He said, clicking on a picture and showing it on the big screen. It was a man with sunglasses and a beard. On his neck he had a tattoo coming up from his back.

"From back in the day. He operated off the African coast. Black market arms." He said earning a glance of Steve next to him, "There are conventions. All right? You meet people. I didn't sell him anything." Tony said in respond.

"This?" Thor said pointing at the tattoo. "Ah, it's a tattoo, I don't think he had it."

"Those are tattoos. This is a brand." Thor said, his finger moving from the tattoo to a red spot just underneath it.

"Oh, yeah. It's a word in an African dialect meaning 'thief'." I said and Tony frowned in confusion as why I knew this. "In a much friendly way." I continued. "And you know this how?" Tony asked and I shrugged looking away and back at the screen.

"Where is this guy now?" Steve said and the room went quiet as they all looked at Tony who had a pleased smirk playing on his lips.

"We're out for a little trip guys."

I just wanna dedicate this chapter to hodorthedoor because she actively reads this book and gives me a boost to update this story. So shout out to you girl, ur the best!

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