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"You didn't see that coming?" Pietro mocked as I lay on the ground. Pietro's moves being better than mine annoyed me but I smiled through the stinging pain in my back. "Actually, I did." I replied earning a frown from Pietro, later followed by a kick in his stomach.

"Nebudete hrať pekne." You're not playing nice. He mumbled as he stood up from the ground he fell on. We dropped the sword fights five minutes ago to do hand on hand combats and I must say, Pietro wasn't as bad as I expected.

"Hrám však chcem hrať." I play however I want to play.

Pietro hasn't used any of his speed in the time we have been training. And I am honestly thankful for that. It's only fair.

I lifted my foot up to try and kick him in the area but he stepped back and grabbed my foot with his two hands and scoffed playfully. "We don't kick there, moja láska."

"I thought I only had two pet names."

"The more you mess with me, the more you get."

His left hand grabbed me by my upper leg while his right hand still held me by my foot and the twitched my whole leg which made my body moved in sync and I fell to the ground. My back slowly arched from the pain and I stared up at the full moon until he let go of my leg and offered me his hand. I took it but instead of standing up, I pulled him onto the ground and rolled on-top of him, straddling his waist as my hands were around his neck. Not too hard, careful not to actually choke him to death.

He looked down at the position we were in and looked back up to my eyes. "Princezná..." he muttered and I took the clue to stand up from the really uncomfortable position we were in. I cleared my throat as soon as I stood up and offered my hand that Pietro gladly took. As soon as he stood in front of me I awkwardly smiled at him as he returned that same awkward smile. I straightened my —now— dirty clothes and walked towards the stairs of the house with my swords in my hands and with Pietro by my side. His smile never seemed to leave his lips.


"Who's that?" I asked looking at the man with the eyepatch standing in the middle of the kitchen suspiciously. "That Elena, is director Nick Fury."

I uncomfortably smiled as I took place next to Pietro by the kitchen table and followed the conversation the team had before I came in.

"Ultron's gonna evolve." Bruce said.

"How?" Fury asked, playing with the orange liquid in his glass.

"Has anyone been in contact with Helen Cho?"


"I'll take Natasha, Clint, Wanda. You take Elena and Speedy." Steve said as he put his shield on his back and turned around to face Tony approaching him. "All right. Strictly recon. I'll hit the NEXUS."

"The what?" I asked confusingly and Tony smiled knowing I'd like it as much as he does, "Hackers heaven." He clarified and I smiled widely.

"I can't leave Wanda." Pietro interrupted. That kid couldn't be further than a mile away from his sister or he'd cry already, let alone be in a total different continent. "Alright. I take the speedster too then. Take Elena." Tony nod and I smiled weakly at Pietro before whispering to Tony. "If you want to hack, you could actually use a speedster who types double as fast as you." Tony, Steve and I turned around to Pietro who was talking to his sister and Wanda nod. Did she hear me? "Pietro go with Elena. It's okay." She reassured her brother and he weakly smiled at his sister. He really didn't want to leave her alone but he didn't have a choice.

I followed Tony out of the building with Pietro by my side and Fury and Bruce behind us, "I'll drop Banner off at the tower." Fury said, disappearing with Bruce in a car while Steve, Natasha, Clint and Wanda disappeared in the Quinjet on their way to South Korea to bring a visit to Ultron himself.

Tony gave us the directions of where to go and took off with his suit, leaving me and Pietro dumbfounded. "I can follow him?" Pietro said and I nod. He picked me up bridal style as he followed Tony to wherever NEXUS was.


NEXUS. You could indeed say it was hackers heaven. Tony stood by the computer typing in codes as fast as he could but I interrupted him. "Let the speedster." I whispered at Tony who took a step aside to make space for Pietro. Tony began rambling codes that Pietro typed quickly and faster than Tony could ever do into the computer. Three other people were in the same room as us. One of them stood by, watching us all carefully while the other two took pictures with the famous billionaire.

I listened carefully to my comm to hear Natasha grunting, Steve fighting and Clint ticking on the keyboard of the Quinjet. "I think they need us." I whispered to Stark who simply shook his head.

"They'll have to do it without us for now." He said as he kept saying the codes for Pietro to type in on the monitor. I simply nod my head as I looked around the building. Hackers heaven indeed.

Can you guys believe I posted a crappy chapter just so I could announce that my death is in 15 days. 15 days until Infinity war and 17 days until my friends go to London and have a chance to -maybe- see some marvel actors??? I mean do they all go to the premiere in America or??? Anyways, if you liked the book so far please vote or comment so I'll be motivated to keep on posting new chapters!

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