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I was walking back home, chills running down my spine because of fear. I stood in front of my house door. I sighed as I opened the door.

"Y/N." I heard my mother call. I looked at her and saw her and my step-father sitting on the couch. "Come and sit down my daughter."my mother said as I did what they ordered.

My father left my mother for some other chick.

"You obviously know why you are here." My step-father said as I nodded. At this time i really wished I had a younger sibling so my parents would give all of the attention to them.

But sadly I'm an only child. "You know we won't accept this horrible result." My mother said. "It's chemistry! How could you fail in chemistry! If you are good in science you would be good in chemistry too! How hard can it be?" My step-father asked.

"It's hard alright!" I defended. "How dare you talk about to us!?" My mother said. "Give me your hand!"my mother said as I extended my hand.

After some hand-beating. "You can go to your room, and your grounded for today." My mother said. "Yes mother." I said as I went to the kitchen blowing on my hands since they are so red and they hurt.

I got some ice and then made my way upstairs. "I should've studied more." I said while pressing the ice on my palms. "Oh my god." I said looking at my red hands.

Sighing I went and changed my clothes into something comfortable.

My phone dinged and it was a text from Isabella.

So what happened?

Well the same as usual👍

Aww my baby 😭😘
I'll make sure to treat you tomorrow.

Thx Bella ❤️
But I'm busy tomorrow.

Are you going on a date?

No! I have a tutor session with soobin.

Hold up! Yang Y/N having a tutor session with choi soobin😏?

Oh shut up

So tell all about it later.
All about it😉

I shook my head, I don't want to know what is going on in this girl's head.

I sat down on my bed and sighed. "My parents cannot know about this, and if they did.."

"They'll get so mad." Y/N sighed I looked at the time and it was 6:30 pm. "Shit." I mumbled to my self as I ran into the bathroom to changed cause I'm late to my part time job.


Walking down the hallway to my locker to grab my history book. "hey." I heard as I turned around and smiled as I saw Mia.

"Hey Mia." I smiled as we high-five "hey girl! Oh my god what happened to your hand?" Mia asked looking at my hand.

"It's fine, you know my mom always does it when I got a horrible result." Y/N smiled "Aww baby." Mia hugged me.

"It's okay you will improve." Mia cheered "Yeah let's hope." I smiled when suddenly we heard the girls cheers and squeals.

I rolled my eyes knowing who they were. You guessed it, Yeonjun, soobin, beomgyu, taehyun and huening kai. "Again?" I sighed but then noticed Mia staring at beomgyu "oh move it!" I said as I dragged her.

"Hey! I was busy!" Mia groaned "Busy checking out beomgyu, you can do that another time." I sighed.

"Oh come on admit it, you like him too." Mia commented "As a friend!" I mentioned. "Yeah yeah."

We got to her class,We're both in the same grade but in different classes. "See ya." Mia waved as she went in her class, I turned around and went inside my class.

I walked to my desk and sat down. I could hear the girls screams and squeals coming closer and closer.

"No please don't come here!" I begged laying my head on my desk then heard the girl screams clearer in my classroom.

I groaned as I sat up sighing. "It's literally 8:30 in the morning." I whispered. "Hey Y/N!" A voice said making me startled.

"Isabella?! Shouldn't you be in class?!" I asked "I know, but yeonjun is walking here and I'm gonna ask him if he's gonna walk with me to class." Isabella smiled.

"Good luck." I thumbs up "You better go now because he walked past" I said as I saw him walking past my class with his fangirls behind him. "Oh shit- see ya love!" Isabella left as I smiled.

The girls screams calmed down as the boys came in, Beomgyu and Soobin made their way to their seats walking past me Soobin flashed me a smile.

A smile appeared on my lips but shortly looked forward since the teacher came in. "Please everyone sit down and be silent!" The teacher said as the class became silent.

I pulled my book out of my bag and placed it on my desk. My seat-mate asked if she could have a pencil, I gave her one and then started looking at the teacher. "So open your book to page 210." She said as we started.

Soobin's POV

I walked passed Y/N's desk and flashed her a smile as she did the same. I sat down next to beomgyu "Hey hyung, wanna hang with me and the boys today?" Beomgyu asked.

"Sorry but I'm busy today." I responded. "Busy? Busy with what?" Beomgyu asked "I have a tutoring session." I said as Beomgyu snorted.

"Hyung, I thought your results were great! Why are you getting tutored." Beomgyu grinned. "No, I'm tutoring someone." I said as beomgyu gave him a confused face.

"Me.Tutoring.Someone." I explained "ohhh, who is it?" Beomgyu asked "Yang Y/N." I pointed at Y/N who was sitting in front of us. "Y/N? She is an straight A student." Beomgyu said "Not in chemistry." I replied. "Chemistry? It's easy- okay I also don't get it." Beomgyu confesses as I chuckled.

"Okay then, but you have to tell the others." Beomgyu said "I know, I'll tell them in lunch time." I said as I continued focusing in class.


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