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Walking back to the cafeteria as everyone stared at me, I shook my head and walked to the girls and sat down. "What was it?" Mia asked "You know just Olivia being a bitch." I sighed stuffing food in my mouth.

"What did she do?" Isabella asked "She was accusing me of stealing her necklace." I said as I swallowed my food. "Why did she do it?" Mia asked. "I think it was because soobin is tutoring me and she thinks that I'm going out with him." I said stuffing food in my mouth again.

They both looked at me. "Are you though?" Mia asked "No!" I denied as they both chuckled. "Alright, we're done eating class is about to start." Isabella said as I nodded and stood up.

We bumped into Olivia as we were walking to class. "Hey!" One of Olivia's minions called. "What do you want?" I asked annoyed I'm so done with her minions speaking, why don't Olivia speak for herself?

"You know that Olivia's father is friends with the school! So he could get you expelled you know." She smirked.

"Stop with that lame excuse." We heard a voice and Yeonjun stood in front of us. "O-oppa." Olivia stuttered. "Please leave and stop bothering these girls." Soobin said "But oppa-" "Leave." He said sternly.

I've never saw soobin this serious or scary, he went from a cute fluff ball into an overprotective boyfriend. "You girls okay?" Yeonjun asked "Yeah we're fine." Isabella blushed.

"Thanks." Mia smiled "Is there something else?" I asked cause it felt weird for the boys to stand up to us, like I'm grateful and everything cause if they didn't I would've snatch her hair out of her head.

"Well we also wanted to ask you guys if you want to hang after school today." Taehyun said "But you know after Soobin's and Y/N's date." Yeonjun winked. "It's not a date!" Me and Soobin denied. "Okay okay its not." Beomgyu teased.

"So when are we meeting today?" Mia asked "How many hours do you guys study?" Huening kai asked "One or two." I replied. "Okay then, we will all meet at the park at 5:30 pm since they are studying at 4:30 pm. Your studying for one hour!" Yeonjun said.

"But isn't it short?" Soobin asked "No its not!" Yeonjun said as both of us shrugged. "Alright then see ya!" Beomgyu said as the boys left.


I changed my clothes into something basic since we are going straight to the park after.

I changed my clothes into something basic since we are going straight to the park after

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"See ya." I left the house and made my way to the library.

Soobin was not there so I figured he was late. I stood outside waiting for him, if passed 10 minutes and he wasn't there.

Your so cute.

I got a text that made me blush but confused.

Where are you?

I'm inside you dummy.

I went inside and scanned the room until I saw Soobin sitting down on a table smiling looking at me. I chuckled and walked to him. "Why did you tell me earlier?" I asked.

"I thought you were having a call so I waited for five minutes but then you didn't come in after five minutes so I thought I would wait longer. Then I noticed you were looking left and right then I texted you." Soobin explained as I nodded.

"So you ready for your test?" He asked "Yeah." I said confidence but was literally scared the fuck out. He gave me a paper and I started to examine it.

"You have thirty minutes." He said "Thrity!?" I asked "It's not that hard you will finish quickly." He smiled. "But what if it didn't?" I asked worrier "Didn't you study?" He asked "I did!" I uttered. "Then you don't have to be worried about it." He winked making me blush.

"And your time starts now." He said as I started to answer the questions. They were pretty easy and Luckily I could answer them. But some of them are confusing but I managed to answer them.

But there was one stupid question left. "Soobin can you explain this question?" I asked "Huh?" He asked "This question." I pointed out as he moved closer and I could feel his breath next to my right cheek.

A blush crept on my cheeks as I heard him chuckle. "This is one of the main question in this lesson." Soobin stated as he leaned his back on the chair. "So you have to know it." He said "But please." I pouted.

"Think harder if you didn't know it you can leave it empty." He commented. My parents always tell me not to leave my questions empty and that you should always try to answer them no matter what.

I tried to answer it but struggled. "I'm done..I guess." I leaned back on my chair. "You sure?" He asked while smirking. "Stop making me anxious." I punched his shoulder lightly. "Alright alright." He smiled as he took my paper and started to check it, while me burying my face in my hands sighing.

"I finished checking." He said as I looked at him. "I don't wanna know. I already know that I did horrible!" I ran my hands through my hair. "No you did good." He said looking disappointed. "You have a disappointing look on your face!" I said.

"You got a seven out of ten." He smiled as he looked at me "Seven?!" I asked with a panicky look on my face. "No no no! Your kidding!" I said "No you really did." He said. I groaned and laid my head on the desk. "You did fine." I felt his hand on my bare shoulder.

"No I didn't! My parents never accept my mark which is below a nine!" I said petrified. "Your parents won't know about his result, this result is just between you and me so don't worry." He smiled as I looked at him for a while but then a sigh left my lips.

"Your right." I smiled. "Don't worry, day by day you will get better and get a perfect result." He smiled.

With his help I think I can.


It's almost three in the morning and I thought it was a good idea to write a chapter at this time.

Goodnight 💤 (if I slept)


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