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Walking side by side with soobin to the park looking for the others.


Where are you guys?

We are in the middle of the park sitting down on a carpet.

Okay I see you☺️


I grabbed Soobin's hand and pointed at where the others were and pulled him. "They are there." I pointed as I continued to pull him.

"Hey guys!" I waved as soobin did the same. "Hey love birds." Taehyun teased "Were not love birds." I rolled my eyes. "Then why are you holding hands?" Huening kai pointed out.

My eyes widened as I noticed I was still holding his hand. I quickly pulled my hand from him and sat down there blushing.

"Anyways." I started as I sat next to Mia as she cackled making me hit her shoulder. We sat down talking about school and stuff.

"Where do you want to go after this?" Yeonjun asked "I don't know, what do you guys have in mind?" I asked "Well we actually." Beomgyu said looking at the boys as the boys smiled.

"We actually bought tickets to the amusement park." Soobin said. "Wait what!?" I asked "Really!?!" Mia exclaimed as the boys nodded.

"Yess!" Isabella said as they both crushed me with a hug. "Aren't you excited?" Isabella asked me. "Well I am but I don't think my parents will agree." I chuckled nervously. "What if they don't know about it?" Taehyun asked "Tell them you'll stay late with you Isabella and Mia then you will comeback home late." Taehyun said.

"I'll try." I said as I stood up  and walked away a little so I can talk to my mom.

"Hey mother." I said as she answered.

"Hey sweetie." She said in a sweet tone.

"Mother, I'm staying a  with my friends and return back home late, if that's okay?" I asked looking at the others.

There was silence in the line so I called her.

"Mother?" I asked nervously.

"Yes sure honey." I heard her as I can feel her smiling from the other side of the phone.

"Thanks mother, love you see ya." I said "see ya honey, stay safe. And come back at 9:30pm" She hung up as I headed back to the others.

"So?" Yeonjun asked "She agreed." I smiled as they cheered people started looking at us weirdly. "But she said to come back at 9:30 pm." I said "it's fine!" Huening kai cheered. "Okay calm down. So when are we going ?" Mia asked "We'll go, now." Beomgyu said as we all started to walk.

"I called hyung to come pick us up." Soobin said as the boys nodded. "Our Friend, his name is Jungkook. He'll be taking us to the amusement park." Soobin explaiend as we nodded.

A black car pulled up and the windows rolled down revealing a cute boy. "Hey boys! And girls. Get in!" He said as we went inside the car.

"Good thing the ride isn't really that long." Jungkook said.


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