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"What's going on?"
Confused, Y/N asked about the corner that has many decorations.

She saw a white envelope, Y/N was written on it, she slowly opened the note and it read.

"Look behind you?" She asked while turning around, suddenly confetti blinded her eyes following with screams of 'Surprise'

A smile appeared on her lips, all of them were there.

Huening kai

He wasn't there, Y/N shook the thought of soobin and hugged huening kai back since he attacked her with one.

"Aww thanks guys." Y/N hugged Mia, "We have to have a party before you leave!" She hugged Taehyun after hugging Isabella.

"He didn't came?" Y/N asked after hugging all of them, "Its okay, I'll beat his ass." Yeonjun cracked his knuckles.

"No it's fine." Y/N smiled, Taehyun wanted to say it but he didn't want to ruin it so he didn't.

They spent two hours partying.


"We are here for two hours! Your leg is fine!" Soobin said, "It hurts." She faked crying, she was put in a hospital bed since her leg twisted and she can't really walk on it.

"I need to leave." Soobin said.
"No dont!-" "sorry but I have to!"
She saw his figure fade as a smirk appeared on her lips.

"Fine if you wanna play it like that."


"Guys this party is so amazing, thanks for the memory I won't forget." Y/N smiled, "But I gotta go now, I still have a little more packing to do, sleep early then go to the airport the next day."

Mia grabbed Y/N's hands, "Are you sure about this?" Mia asked, "I'm hundred percent sure, don't worry. I'll be in touch with you guys.." Y/N smiled, before hugging them all.

"Shit- goodbye guys!" Y/N smiled waving, as tears welled up her eyes. "Can you come tomorrow to the airport if you can?" Y/N asked.

"We're coming Anyways." Taehyun said as Y/N smiled before walking back to her house.


Running for his life, Soobin knew he was late, and all of them might scold him, all.


"Soobin!" Yeonjun called seeing the younger one run, "Listen hyung-" "what do you mean! We told you to be at the park in five minutes!" Yeonjun said.

"And you showed up in two hours!" Isabella joined but all of them were interrupted when they heard.

"You take me to the hospital." / "I-I really can't I'm lat-"/ "you better take me to the hospital or I'll come up with another thing and make Y/N hate you forever."

"Now you all calmed down, what are we going to do?" Taehyun stopped the record. "Thanks." Soobin sighed, soobin told them everything from A to Z.

"Okay she took it too far!" Beomgyu said, "but what is she going to send?" All of them we're interrupted with a text.

Y/N if you are reading this, this message was sent from soobin to me.

Then there was a text pic.

Soobin(left) Olivia (right)

Oppa do you love Y/N?

Eww no why?

You seem like your love her a lot

I don't, who lives an ugly nerd anyway
I can't get over the fact that I'm tutoring her.
Disgusting 🤢

All of their eyes landed on soobin.
"Here! Check! I swear I don't write that." Soobin gave his phone to Yeonjun.

Yeonjun entered the chat with Olivia but there was...


Is it just me or is Beomgyu wrecking my bias list???

nxaaxn 🧸 💙~

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