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The title says seventeen and you guessed it...

A loud thud was heard in Y/N's room, she couldn't believe her eyes. It can't be..

Tears rushed to her eyes as she ran to the bathroom, she sat there crying her eyes out.

She just wants to leave that's it, she is sick and tired of everything. So she decided to sleep on her bed earlier.


"Well Y/N is leaving tomorrow!" Huening kai said, "I'm coming with you guys! I need to tell her what really happened!" Soobin said as they all nodded agreeing.

The next day came by quick and their friend Jungkook was picking up all of them. "Why y'all are in a rush? It's literally seven am.." Jungkook yawned.

"Please hyung!" Taehyun said, "it's fine, just buy me some banana milk.."


Dragging her suitcase, Y/N just got inside the airport. A sigh left her lips. "Are you excited sweetheart?" Her step-father said, "I guess.." she faked a smile.

"Good to hear that, they will call us in twenty-five minutes." They all sat down.


"Faster hyung!"
"Fine! But you'll get the blame if a get a speeding ticket." The car sped up as they were all panicking.

Fifteen minutes they got to the airport. "Go quick! We'll catch up!"

Soobin ran inside the airport as his eyes started scanning the place, his eyes landed on Y/N cuddling with her hoodie as her parents we're sitting behind her.

Panting, soobin walked towards Y/N carefully. A gasp left Y/N's lips as she saw him, he placed his finger on his lips telling her to keep quiet.

He extended his arm as Y/N hesitantly accepted it as he pulled her in a warm embrace. His hands caressing her hair as Y/N stood there in shock.

"I'm sorry."
She heard Soobin's voice break, was her crying?

"I shouldn't have-"
"Calm down, Calm down soobin.." Y/N comforted him. "Please forgive me Y/N, you're leaving beaches of me.."

He sniffed,
"I don't want you to leave, they told me everything. It's all my fault for not accepting it. I'm sorry please don't leave!" He pleaded.

Y/N's heart shattered at his whimpers, "I-I won't.." she said as his eyes widened, "Y-you won't?"

"No..I won't." She smiled.
"Your not joking are you?" He asked, "if I'm joking will I do this." Y/N cupped Soobin's cheeks as she gently placed her lips on his.

Soobin was shocked but kissed her back, a smile appeared on his lips as they pulled away. "I love you." He hugged her.

The others watched in awe, they finally made it. Y/N's parents we're shocked, "Y/N think about it-" "no mother, I want to stay here, with my love life." Y/N smiled.

Her mother took a deep breath, "Y/N.." she started "If that makes you happy." She smiled.

"But we'll leave and come back in a month alright?" Her mother said, Y/N smiled as she hugged her mother.

Her step-father cracked a smile, "Behave alright?" She nodded as the speaker said that it was time for their plane to leave.

She bid goodbye to her parents as they did the same, she looked away as their figures vanished. "No trouble?" Y/N held out her pinky, "Your so childish, but no trouble." Her wrapped his pinky around hers and kissed her head.

"Yay now that's over, who's buying me some banana milk?" They all laughed at jungkook's statement.

One more chapter and that's it..

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