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The title was TEN and it made me think about NCT ten while I was writing the story, so I why not put him a picture of him, where are my nctzens at?

Sorry I'll continue with the story-


"What?" Yeonjun asked Soobin, soobin needed someone to talk to after the incident that happened at the park.

They were sitting at yoenjun's house and soobin was laying on yeonjun's bed while Yeonjun was sitting on the chair in his room.

"Did that really happen?" Yeonjun asked as soobin nodded, "Yeah, she said she likes me and then at the park she told me we're not meant to be." Soobin ran his hands through his messy hair.

Yeonjun was confused as fuck, he knew that Y/N isn't like that, "Soobin are you sure? I know Y/N isn't like tha-" "Yeonjun not all people show who they really are okay? They might be a good and nice person on the outside and on the inside they might be breaking people's hearts.." Soobin sighed.

Yeonjun still doesn't believe him because he and Isabella talked to Y/N about it and she said she is going to confess to him. He decided to ask Y/N by himself at school.


I was in a bad mood today but I wanted to go to school because I don't want to face my parents again. "What?" Isabella asked me confused.

We were in an empty classroom and I told her what happened. "Oh my baby." Mia hugged me, "I wanted to be with him but, my parents warned me and I don't want him to suffer while being in a relationship with me, I want him to be happy and safe." I said as the girls nodded.

The door opened revealing Yeonjun and beomgyu, "Okay, spill the tea." Beomgyu said as he started sipping his ice tea, "what happened yesterday?" Yeonjun asked as I sighed.

"It were her parents." Isabella said "They threatened her and told her if she was going to be in a relationship with soobin, then will make him suffer." Isabella said as I nodded.

"So you told him you aren't meant to be in order to protect him." Yeonjun said as I nodded, "Soobin came to me yesterday and told me everything, he's broken." Yeonjun sighed.

"And it's all my fault." I looked at my hands. "No it's not, you did the right thing to protect him." Mia said as they all nodded. "You coming to the cafeteria today?" Beomgyu asked, "I don't have the appetite to eat anything today." I said "Or face him." They sighed and Isabella patted my back.

"I'll get you at least something to drink okay?" Isabella said as I nodded.


It was lunch time and soobin sat on the table sighing burying his arms, groaning.

"Stop whining and start eating." Taehyun said "I'm not in the appetite to eat." Soobin said as Mia shook her head.

"Your so alike." Mia mumbled "Huh?" Soobin asked, "nothing." Mia replied as the couple chuckled. "Where's Y/N?" Taehyun asked "She isn't in the appetite to eat." Yeonjun said as Isabella came and sat down next to Mia.

"Had to force her." She sighed, "She's in a bad and sad mood, it's all my fault." Soobin sighed, "How is it your fault?" Mia asked "I confessed to her, why did I even do that huh?" Soobin giggled.

"I'll go to the bathroom." Soobin stood up and walked to out of the cafeteria, "fuck, they really are alike." Huening kai said earning a snack from Yeonjun because he swore.

"Make sure he doesn't go near Y/N okay?" Y/N's stepfather said, "Don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't." Olivia smirked ending the call.

"Hey soobin oppa." Olivia waved looking at soobin, "What is it now?" He asked annoyed "Do you want to go out later?" She smirked twirling her hair around her finger.

Soobin stopped to think about it but got the answer right away.

"Yeah sure."


BAM 💥! Another plot twist...

BAM 💥!  Another plot twist

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