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Sighing, Y/N looked at her empty room, it looks like the first time she moved here. But sadly she has to leave the old memories and create new ones..

Her phone buzzed and it was in the back of her pocket. The text read.

Come at the park in 10 minutes..

It was from an unknown number, being the nosey girl she is. She went.


Soobin don't forget to come to Y/N's mini party which is at the park
You have 5 minutes.

Soobin read the text he received from taehyun.

On my way

He texted back cause he didn't want to get his ass beaten. Taehyun might be younger, but he's scary.

Adjusting his clothes he grabbed his phone and walked out of his house.

Suddenly he bumped into someone, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

His eyes widened as he saw Olivia, "Oppa help me." He got scared and placed her on the the chair. "Who do you want me to call?" Soobin got out his phone, maybe he could call her brother if she had one, or her sister if she had one, if her parents maybe!

"You take me to the hospital." She extended her finger at soobin, "I-I really can't I'm lat-" "you better take me to the hospital or I'll come up with another thing and make Y/N hate you forever."

A groan left Soobin's lips as he slowly walked her to the hospital, I'm going to be late..


"Where are you Choi soobin!" Yeonjun walking back and forth, "Hyung." Taehyun called, "Not now taehyun."

"But hyung-"
"Listen, let's all of us call him and he maybe answer one of us! Then you give me the phone and I will scold him." Yeonjun said.

All of them never saw Yeonjun this serious, "Why are you mad?" Isabella asked, "He can't ruin this chance now, Y/N is going to leave and he has to at least solve things between them!"

They all can't help but agree with him.


Soobin's phone rang for the sixth time, "You can't answer it, you'll give me a headache." Olivia acted, "But-" "no buts." She smirked.

I'm sorry hyung.


"No answer." Mia said, "That boy.."
Taehyun didn't think much about it because he saw what happened.
He saw what Olivia said,

Plus he recorded it...
My boy Taehyun is sneaky..

nxaaxn 🧸 💙~

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