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Charlotte felt bad that she'd practically moved into Matt's home but he insisted he liked the company

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Charlotte felt bad that she'd practically moved into Matt's home but he insisted he liked the company. Truthfully, he really did. She hadn't intended on spending as much time at his but when she'd gone home the day after their dinner together, Stefan had caught her at the door and told her that Damon was about to have a threesome with Rebekah and another vampire and that'd really been the icing on the cake for her to stay away a couple of days. She still saw her brothers and would get dinner or lunch frequently, but mostly every other night she'd stay at Matt's.

It was nice for both of them, nice to have company, nice to have a sounding board for the drama they were so enthralled in, nice to have someone to marathon every goddamn episode of whatever new netflix show Matt was attached to. They were good company for one another and they both slept better hearing the breath of someone else, knowing that they weren't really alone, even when they felt they were.

It was a few day's later when Charlotte and Matt got the cryptic 'secret meeting' text, instructing them to spend a morning driving into the middle of the woods. When they arrived, both of her brothers were present as were Elena and Caroline, all rugged up warm and curious about the invitation.

"What are we doing here?" Charlotte asked when they were all settled at last.

"We found some more white oak," Damon replied, half cocky and half apologetic. White oak of course, was the one kind of wood that could kill an Original. The kind of wood that killed Mikael, Klaus' father when he'd come to kill Klaus. His cockiness reemerged at the reaction of the group and he waved his hand nonchalantly, "Long story, wait for the movie."

"Hang on," Elena asked, "White oak? You have a weapon that can kill Klaus?"

"Nope," Stefan replied dramatically, dropping the duffel bag he'd been carrying on the ground between them. The bag fell open to reveal nearly a dozen stakes and Stefan continued, "we all have a weapon."

Charlotte's blood ran cold as she processed her brothers words. She couldn't stop them killing Klaus, she was on their side no matter what and she knew how her brothers and friends felt about what he'd done, but she really didn't want him to die. She felt Matt's arm wrap around her shoulder and she leaned into his touch, relieved by the small comfort though neither said anything as the group continued talking.

"Klaus, has always been one step ahead of us, but now we have the advantage. We're all armed and they're all linked, meaning we only need to kill one of them. We need to seize the best opportunity which means we need to prepare for every opportunity."

"Scenario number one," Damon joined in now, grabbing Elena and tugging her away from where Matt, Charlotte, and Caroline stood, "You get to play Klaus."

"Okay," Elena agreed, wiggling out of Damon's arms.

"Rebekah is our target," Stefan continued, "so we'll distract her."

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