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Knocking on the Salvatore's front door hadn't been Klaus' plan

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Knocking on the Salvatore's front door hadn't been Klaus' plan. For one thing, Charlotte lived here so she didn't need permission and for another, he already had access to the home but when she'd used their joined hands to pull them to a stop he'd followed along with a teasing eye roll.

He could hear her heart racing beside him and his grip tightened, he knew she felt worried about what her brothers would say, it was the same fear that had raced through her the first time she'd kissed him and had to see Stefan the next day only this time she had a nice little hickey on her collarbone that she'd tried to hit him on the chest for. Well, she had more than the one hickey, but only one was partly visible, she'd tried to return the favour to him, frowning in frustration as each healed only moments after she made them.

He knew she was worried about her brothers reaction but it wasn't necessary, her brothers were so firmly wrapped around her little finger that Klaus knew however much they disapproved that they wouldn't hate her for it like she worried they would.

The door swung open and it was Damon who greeted them, "Huh," he said as his eyes flicked between Charlotte and Klaus' joined hands, "Stefan owes me twenty," he said to himself before his eyes flicked back up to his sister, "Charlie, you good?"

Charlotte nodded, her brows were still furrowed slightly with nerves and so as they stepped through the threshold Damon wrapped his arm around her shoulders as her hand dropped from Klaus'. While Klaus left for the cellar where Stefan and Alaric were, Charlotte and Damon stayed upstairs together.

"Are you okay?" Charlotte broke the silence, sliding out from underneath her brothers arm to try and look more properly at him. The last time she'd seen him he was covered in so much blood it seeped through her clothes and he couldn't even stand alone and though he seemed okay it was hard to wrap her head around his full recovery.

"Vampire Charlie-girl," Damon sung out cockily, "are you?"

"You know he's different with me, he wouldn't hurt me."

Damon used the tip of his finger to tug her collar down slightly, the pink of the hickey had been peeking out and by shifting Klaus' shirt that she wore he could see the mark.

His mouth turned up into a cocky smile as he examined his baby sister in front of her, "Depends what kind of hurt I guess," Damon teased with his eyebrows raised, "I'm glad it was you that stayed not me, not sure he's quite my type."

Charlotte shoved him away, "Do you- do you and Stef hate me? Because I don't hate him?"

"Jeez Charlie," Damon sighed, pulling her over to the couches so she could sit, "You're the only good thing left in our messed up family, we couldn't ever hate you."

Nodding thoughtfully she looked up, "I don't want you to kill him. Any of them, but especially Nik, please."

"We can't anyway he's collecting all the stakes we've got."

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