Misunderstood Impressions

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Rose's POV

My head was yet to wrap around the fact that Eran sent me a follow request as Jessica and I were chatting. I had to be day deaming! It wasn't possible at all. This is a first! For my assurance, I once more go to Instagram. The moment I try to open the list of requests on Instagram, it stops working. Are you serious? Couldn't it find any other day to crash?

Jessica: "Where did you disappear? You there?"
Me: "Yes, I'm here"
Jessica: "Okay so, one of my friends has a strong crush on you"
Me: "Really? That's a news to me! Who's it?"
Jessica: "I don't think, you know him. His name is Eran and he is mine and Daisy's friend"

Holy pregnant cow

My heart skipped a beat. There is no way! This is absolutely someone else.  I have two extra-large pimples on my left cheek and I wear glasses. My body is also extremely chubby and weird. He looks like a model for Vogue, while I genuinely look like a pumpkin.

Me: "No, I have never heard of him"
Jessica: "Eran DSouza"


Me: "No, I don't know him"
Jessica: "He might contact with you in a while"     

Me: "Yeah, I got a follow request"

Jessica: "So, you wanna like, give it a try? He is a nice guy"

Rose: "I'll prefer staying as just friends, Jessica. Got a bad past"
Jessica: "Yes of course. I completely understand. Just talk to him and see how you feel. Take your time."
Rose: "My Instagram isn't working at all, I'm not even able to accept the follow request."
Jessica: "Yeah, Instagram's under maintenance"

I closed the conversation and for some odd reasons was just so much excited to talk to him. Odd reasons? Isn't it normal, to be eager to talk to your crush? Yes it is, it's just that I cannot believe it myself, that I was able to bag such a huge opportunity. 

I get a crush on a guy's Instagram picture, he gets a crush on me too, and even takes a step towards our not at all possible relationship. "I mean how's that even possible? A relationship? With a Vogue model?" I was definitely too loud when I stated it. "Huh? What? Who? "asked Veronica with curiosity. "You recall that Eran guy?" "The person you have been smitten with, acting as if no other people exist?" "Yeah! Jessica said that he sent me a follow request and that he has a crush on me." I answered, bouncing around like a kid in a candy store.

"Okay okay! Cool down! Then accept it?" said Veronica laughing and jumping along with me. "I would have but the freaking Instagram has suddenly decided to go under maintenance, just when I'm about to reply to my .. I mean crush" I replied still jumping holding her hands. She finally stopped my jumping and we both sat on the couch facing towards each other.

She gave me a 'oh really' look, as her perfectly shaped eye brows moved. I rolled my eyes at it, and continued to stare towards the ceiling fan, as a notification sound added to my disturbance.
It was a text from.. FROM

Oh my GOD


                          *Eran D'Souza wants to send you a message*

"Go ahead, go ahead" said Veronica in a hurry as I looked up at her with an absolutely pale face as if I had just returned home witnessing a ghost ripping someone's liver out. Finally my Instagram intended to have mercy on me and allowed me to accept his follow request. Just when I was about to press the follow back button, a thing striked me. "What? Why aren't you following him back?" asked Veronica. "I think, it will look as if I'm so eager and desperate to talk to him"

She now gave me a 'are you kidding me' look as I nodded sending a yes on her way. I let out a heavy sigh and opened the conversation as I placed my hand on my chest out of


"Hi babes"

What in the

I glanced at the pervy text he sent me as the feeling of utter loathing over an enthusiasm gone bad feeling descended on me. But my gut instincts are always right. I dont think he's a pervert. Maybe I'm making an unjustified assumption, but

What if my heart breaks..

To be continued
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