Chapter 41 - Desperate longing

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Desperate longing


By the time dinner was ready it was about ten pm already. I was starving and unfortunately the only thing Gabriel could cook was frozen pizza. All he did was shove the pizza into the oven, but I wasn't complaining. I had been sitting on the couch for the last twenty minutes while Gabriel interacted with his friends. Their friendship confused me because Genesis was intimate with all three of the guys. My brother, William and Brian - the other guy who I had never seen in my life before. She would sit inappropriately on their laps, hug them from behind and she even kissed William. Was this how their friendship worked?

The dynamics of what I was seeing left an unsettling feeling in my stomach. Did this mean that Genesis would touch Logan like that too? Would this Chloe person also do the same? Gosh, I suddenly needed an advil.

Everyone took a seat at the kitchen island and grabbed slices of pizza. I stood up hesitantly from the couch and walked towards them. When I neared them my social anxiety kicked in and I made a sudden turn towards the staircase direction. I was wondering where Bella was and decided I should call her down for our late dinner.

"Sera, come eat." I heard Gabriel's voice.

"Uhm, I'm going to call Bella down first." I said with a slight smile.

"Okay, but hurry before the food gets cold."

I nodded and was about to take the first step of the staircase, when suddenly I heard the sound of a nearby car engine. I knew that it could only be one person, or as I'd recently discovered, two people. My heart raced in anxiety and without thinking I turned and rushed up the staircase. Perhaps it was dumb to try and avoid and this Chloe person given that it was inevitable for me to see them but I still rushed away.

When I reached the top step I turned out of sight and rested my back against the wall, my heart racing. I breathed shakily and listened for the front door.

In a matter of a minute, the front door opened and I heard the sound of Gabriel's enthusiastic and excited voice greeting the newcomers. By the sound of Logan's deep voice replying, my heart only raced faster. Gosh, I missed him. In the next moment, I heard a cheerful and feminine voice that I didn't recognize. I froze and listened intently.

"I'm so glad I could make it. It's amazing here." She squealed and made noises of excitement causing my jaw to drop. She already sounded so pretty.

I didn't wait any longer to rush towards Bella's chosen bedroom. When I entered the bedroom I was surprised to see Bella asleep on the bed, her bag and shoes neatly besides it.

"Bella?" I whispered. She didn't reply and I heard light snoring. I sighed in annoyance, having half the mind to wake her up. My confidence went up by atleast thirty percent when my friends where with me. I needed Bella's outgoing, social personality alongside my shy one. It was how I functioned throughout my life.

I left the room and quietly shut the door. It was slightly late at night and the drive here felt tiresome and long so it was understandable as to why Bella was asleep. I walked towards my room that was slightly further down the corridor then stopped and turned around when I realised how hungry I was. I took a few steps in the direction of the staircase when I realised that there was strangers downstairs where the food was at. I turned again and made the decision to stay hungry till tomorrow. There was no way I was emotionally ready to face Gabriel's stranger friends and see Logan on top of that, with his new female friend.

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