Chapter 24 - Tension

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Light streamed though the peaks of the curtain the next morning, and I woke up with a long yawn. My body felt completely rested, unlike other mornings when I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep immediately again afterwards. I took in my surroundings through blurry eyes and realised that I was in my hotel room.

I blinked sleepily and reached out to feel for Logan, only he wasn't there. I turned to my sides to see an empty spot, feeling both disappointed and relieved. I wanted him to be here, but since it was already morning, it would be suspicious if he left my room and Gabriel or my friends were already up.

I stood up from my bed the moment Gabriel popped his head through the slightly opened door to my room.

"Morning, Sera." He greeted. "Breakfast is ready if you want."

"Good morning. You made breakfast?" I gave him a funny look.

"As if." He chuckled. "I ordered room service."

"Of course," I smiled. "I'll be there in a second."

When he left, I took in my surroundings and last night's memories came flooding back to me. My legs tingled at the memory of Logan touching me, making me feel so good. My face heated up at the thought. I needed a shower urgently, so I grabbed some clothes out of my suitcase and entered the ensuite bathroom, which was bigger than I imagined. There were rows of big and fluffy white towels, cloths and robes. Gabriel really did go out of his way by booking rooms in this hotel.

After a ten minute shower, I was clean and fresh for the day. I dressed in a white sundress that ended above my knees, and put on a pair of white sandals. I left my hair loose and to air dry since it felt warm outside. After spraying myself with rose perfume I was finally ready to leave.

I entered the joined lounge and kitchen to see my best friends, brother and Logan. Logan was leaning against the counter, looking at his phone while Gabriel, Bella and Caitlyn were arguing about something. I smiled when I entered and cleared my throat.

"Finally, someone with sense." Bella exclaimed. She rushed towards me and pulled me towards the kitchen island. "Please tell your moron brother that tuna is way better than sardines. He wants to argue facts."

I laughed and shoved her away from me. "I can't choose honestly. It's both gross to me."

"Seriously? You too?" She asked with horror.

Gabriel rolled his eyes and pushed away from the counter, coming to stand besides me. "I got you pancakes with maple syrup and raspberries. They're your favourite." He said.

"And whipped cream?" I asked excitedly.

"Of course."

I grinned and hopped over towards the silver plate that was situated near Logan.

"Good morning." I said awkwardly.

He only sent a small smile in return causing me to frown. Were things weird between us now? I scanned his appearance quickly before looking away and blushing. He was dressed in all black, black jeans and a short sleeved black sweater that were hugging his muscles so tightly. The memories of last night came back again, and I coughed awkwardly. I reached towards the tray with the pancakes, and groaned when I couldn't get them.

I heard Logan sexy laugh before he pulled the tray towards me. I smiled shyly and gripped the handles, before taking it with me towards the lounge. Both Caitlyn and Bella followed me, and we sat down at the table.

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