Chapter 13 - The beach

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There are many mistakes I'm sorry :(

A/n. The first few chapters will be very unedited but it gets better I promise x

 The first few chapters will be very unedited but it gets better I promise x_____

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The Beach


"Get up, we're going out."

My eyes squinted open, adjusting to the new found light being displayed in the room. A tired yawn escaped my lips as I stretched my arms, making myself comfortable on my seat.

"I'm tired." I mumbled, my eyes falling shut once again on their own accord.

"I'm taking you out. It's the summer holidays and all you have been doing for the past three days is watch movies and eat excess food. You might get fat by the end of the summer." He pointed out.

"First of all, my metabolism and genes doesn't allow me to get fat even if I were to eat the whole fridge up. And secondly, watching tv and eating are two of the most awesome things." I smiled lazily when he rolled his eyes at my logic.

"So...You don't wanna go laser tag with me and a few friends?"

"Nah." I drawled out, popping an eye open to look at him. Our mini cinema consisted of twenty two large and comfortable seats. It faced the projector which played numerous of the latest movies out. I was just done watching my favourite cartoon, Tinkerbell, and half fell asleep when Gabriel descided it would be best to ruin the moment. I couldn't blame him. I had been lounging around like a couch potato whole week so far, and now when it was finally Friday Gabriel decided to do something about it.

"What about going to the zoo?"

"Animals are awesome and cute but it's so hot." I complained, fanning myself. It was unnecessary because the air conditioning was on full blast, but I had to prove a point to Gabriel. You weren't gonna find air cons outside, which is why I would prefer staying in the comforts of my home.

"What about the water park?"


"The arcade?"


"The library?"


"I'm fucking joking. You're a difficult person, do you know that?" He groaned, slumping down into the cinema seat next to me.

"I know." I smiled cheekily. "But I said yes to the library."

"I will strangle you so hard if you don't get up."

I gulped.

"Dress nicely we're going to the beach."

I popped out of my seat as a squeal left my lips. I loved the beach. I loved making sand castles and the feel of the soft golden sand in my toes. The waves were my favourite part of the water, and so were the fish.

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