Chapter 56.2 - Goodbyes

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The most dangerous drug I know has blue eyes and a heartbeat

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The most dangerous drug I know has blue eyes and a heartbeat.



The sounds of the prison gates shut behind me, and I flinched. Without Gabriel by my side, I would have been far less confident in my steps. The place felt cold, giving me an icy feeling. The policemen and guards of the prison wore grim expressions, any positive emotions completely void from their faces. I tried to keep my thoughts positive; otherwise, I would have been too nervous and scared to move forward.

"This wing is for newer inmates," Gabriel bent towards my ear and spoke quietly, as if we weren't allowed to speak.

"Oh," I whispered back. "You seem to know a lot."

"Of course, I was involved in making sure Logan gets sent away. I know all the details of this case by heart."

I let out a shaky breath. "Good to know."

We took a few more steps towards the front desk when a passing security guard stopped us.

"Can I help you two?" The guard approached, assessing Gabriel and me. "Are you here to visit someone?"

"Yes, we are." Gabriel confirmed. "I was a key witness in the case of Logan Rivera. We'd like to see him."

"Rivera... Ah, yes. That was a popular case that closed a few days ago. The perp was incarcerated three days ago and has begun serving his three-year sentence. Who is she?" He pointed towards me, and I couldn't help but step closer toward Gabe.

"She's my sister," Gabe answered.

"Your sister... as in the victim?"

I gulped and clutched my dress tightly in my hands.

"Yes. She wants to see Logan one last time."

The security guard frowned before glancing at where two policemen sat at the front desk. "I'm not sure if she is allowed to see him this early, Mr. Muller. But I'll check for you. In the meantime, please have a seat in the waiting area."

The guard left us standing there to go talk to his colleagues. I sighed as both Gabe and I took a seat.

"This is dumb. We can basically buy this place, yet we have to wait," Gabe mumbled.

"Of course, there are rules and procedures in place that we can't ignore. Our family's name and wealth are not beyond the law," I said softly.

"You'd be surprised, Sera. Stop being so naïve."

I frowned at Gabriel's words but decided against speaking. Rather, I thought about his words and how true they held. I couldn't fully understand, but I knew that he was right to some degree.

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