Chapter 5 - Family dinners

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Family Dinners

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Family Dinners


Freshman year started out wholeheartedly. Excitement grew within me like a raging fire in a building, and it hadn't stopped throughout the year. Until, things like the workload, snobby teachers and air head students crushed that excitement, without a second thought.

Two days from now and I end my second last year of high school. Junior year. To mention that nothing exciting ever goes on in my life would be downright sad. I was already a senior. I was supposed to have experienced the world. Figuratively speaking, obviously.

But instead, all I have experienced is A+'s on almost everything and a geek asking me out and then bailing the last minute. I've never experienced any fun or went to any fun places other than to events and on vacation with my family.

Now imagine my surprise when someone like Logan takes an interest in me, a newly confirmed bad boy who has the face of an angel and the personality of a devilish and arrogant man.

"Seraphina, you haven't even touched your carrots." Way to state the obvious mom. "Are you okay? I mean, you love roasted carrots."

I do. In fact, I once roasted myself three carrots and ate only that for dinner. And I did the same the next day. And the next day too. When your chef makes pot roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner and you choose carrots over that, there must seriously be something wrong with you. I'm over that phase though, fortunately. Every teenagers goes through a phase, who would have known you get a 'carrot' one. Can I be any more weird?

"I'm sorry." I sighed, feeling bad for not wanting to eat a perfectly prepared, delicious dinner. I wasn't feeling carrots right now. They reminded me of my once strange self. Still strange now, but less. "I'm just thinking hard about something." I admitted.

"What exactly are you thinking about?" Mom asked, a frown decorating her delicate features. All my apparently stunning features I have inherited from mom. And a few of them from dad too. I recieved mom's stunning set of blue eyes, heart shaped face, pink lips and white blonde hair. I was narrowed down with my dad's perfect jawline and straight nose. My older brothers got all of my dad's features, receiving none of my mom's which they found unfair. They all had dark brown hair just like dad, and even darker eyes. I always had bragging rights when it came to my soft blue eyes, and most of the time shoved it in Gabriel's face whenever he was being mean to me. I loved that I had that against him. In the end, as my mom stated, my dad's dark brown eyes is what had her falling in love with him. This was some serious consolation to my jerk of a brother. The moment my mom said this, he deemed himself amazing and completely lovable.

Although I loved him to no ends, that was sometimes debatable.

"I think I like this one guy." I admitted soundly, fidgeting with the fork on my plate. Being dishonest with my parents was very weird, it felt wrong and I have never lied to them before. They hate when I do. Basically, I had no private life whatsoever.

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