Chapter 31 - Secrets and lies

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Secrets and lies


Logan was wrong when he said he would be gone for less than two hours. He was gone for five hours. I was going out of my mind wondering where he was, sending him a copious amount of texts and resisting the urge to call my driver to come and fetch me. It went from sleeping, to watching whatever was playing on the tv, to sitting on the balcony and looking over at the beach, to raiding the cupboards and eating whatever I could find. After that I ended up texting Bethany about my whereabouts, and ignoring Bella's texts. I even had a conversation with Caitlyn, and complained to her in a long paragraph about how irresponsible Bella was last night. I still hadn't forgiven her, but the longer I thought about it the more my heart became soft and memories of our childhood together would flood my mind, and I couldn't find myself to be mad at her anymore.

No response came back from Logan after I had asked him where he was, and then I asked if I could just go home at this point. Still no reply. I really began worrying when the clock hit 3pm in the afternoon. It was still a shock to me that he dealt drugs, and I atleast knew that it could get dangerous. I was worrying about his safety, then realised that this wasn't anything new for him. I was sure that he was fine. Perfectly okay.

I was sitting on the couch and nervously tapping my leg up and down, deep in thought. It was then that I heard the sound of the door opening, when Logan walked through the door. But he wasn't alone. Someone walked in with him, and I physically took a step back at his appearance. Bruises littered Logan's face, and a cut was on the side of his face.

"Oh my god," I breathed out. "Are you okay?" I stayed rooted in the spot, too afraid to approach them.

The other man, what was equally as tall as Logan sent all the wrong kind of nervous shivers through me. One side of his head was shaved, and tattoos imprinted the shaved side of his head. His nose, eyebrow and lip was pierced and it caused me to frown. He wasn't appealing to me the least bit. I found Logan's dangerous aura and tattoos sexy, but this guy' made me scared.

"Who the fuck is this?" The unknown man spoke, chucking afterwards. He was far skinner than Logan and seemed crooked. I didn't like being in his presence one bit. "Another whore?"

"Do not look at her, and do not speak about her that way." Logan scowled, causing my tense shoulders to ease down a slight bit.

"Gee, okay." The blonde man mumbled.

"I'm fine, babygirl. I just had a disagreement with a customer. Let's just say I have his money and his drugs."

I gulped deeply, awkwardly placing my hands around my body.

"O-okay." I stuttered out, not wanting to know what he meant by his words. He deals drugs, he doesn't kill people, Sera. I tried to assure myself.

"Who is this chick anyway?"

"She's...mine. And also Gabriel's sister." Logan answered curtly, walking towards me and dropping his bag onto the couch. He used his sweater to wipe the blood from his face without so much as a wince, and I winced for his part.

"No, shit!" The man suddenly exclaimed. "Gabriel has a sister? How did I not know about this? And damn ain't she hot." He whistled, his eyes scanning me up and down causing me to squirm uncomfortably. Logan stepped in front of me immediately.

"I said not to look at her, you fucker. I don't want to have to pull my knife on you."

"Okay, okay fine." The unknown man chuckled, raising his hands in defense.

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