Chapter 22 - Obsession

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Logan's lips crashed upon mine, taking me by surprise as I staggered backwards. Instead of kissing him back like I always did, I placed my hands on his chest as I attempted to push him away. He didn't let go and instead his arms snaked around my waist tightly. I struggled, I really did, but eventually gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back.

His lips felt so intoxicating, like I was committing a sin by kissing them. His hands were strong against my back as he caressed my lower back. I felt his tongue lick the entrance of my lips and without hesitation I have him access to explore my mouth. Our kiss was getting heated very quickly, and unexpectedly his hands left my waist and placed themselves on my bum instead. He picked me up easily and walked towards what I assumed was the couch.

My back felt the soft surface of the couch as he dropped me onto it. His lips never left mine as his body completely engulfed mine on top. I let my hands roam all over his hard chest and they went lower, tugging on his sweater. He pulled away, realising what I was trying to do and pulled his T-shirt off before I could even blink. He discarded it somewhere as I stared with wide eyes at his incredible hot and chiseled chest and abdomen. I would never get over the fact that he, someone so attractive, could be attracted to me.

His lips came down on my neck. While they kissed all over my neck and jawline, his hands were unbuttoning my pajama top. I was so lost in the lust and feeling of his hard body on mine, I completely forgot about the reality of things. When my top was unbuttoned completely, he pulled it open to reveal my bra. I flushed heatedly when his eyes stared down at me with a dark intensity.

"Fucking gorgeous." He whispered huskily, his eyes travelling all the way from my chest to my eyes. I smiled shyly, not knowing what else to do. His eyes were so dark and empty, it should have scared me but it just made me so much more attracted, and him so much for attractive. I raised a hand and cupped his strong jawline. I let my thumb softly stroke his cheek causing his eyes to softly shut.

He was so beautifully damaged.

I wanted to take away his pain and demons, even if it meant getting hurt in the process.

"I've never wanted anyone in my whole life as badly as I want you." He said softly, resting his body on his hands on either side of me. I held in my breath, feeling all sorts of tingles erupt in my body. "Not just physically, but I so badly want you mentally and emotionally as well. I don't know if it's a deep infatuation, but I think of you so much it's not normal. I want to feel you in every way, I want to be inside of you so badly. I wanna fuck your brains out and make love to you over and over again. I wanna know what you're doing every minute of the day. I wanna touch your soft skin with my tainted hands. I want you, and it absolutely kills me to know that I can't fully have you..."

I gulped deeply, waiting for him to continue.

"I'm obsessed, Seraphina. I'm so madly, deeply and utterly obsessed with you."

I breathed out a long and shaky breath. "You only want what you can't have, Logan. That's why you feel this way, but trust me it's just a mere infatuation. It's just a phase."

"Not true." He whispered. His mouth cane down on my covered breast, before he grazed over it. I shivered in anxiousness of feeling his lips on them again, like the last time.

I sucked in a sharp breath when he pulled the cups of my bra up and over my breast, to expose them. He breathed over my left one gently, before he placed a soft, featherlike kiss just beneath my nipple. It was just a mere kiss, but my entire body stilled and shivered. He continued placing soft kisses all over my breast, before his tongue darted out to lick my nipple. I gasped at the feeling, my hands immediately going to his hair. My hands tangled up in his hair and as his mouth continued to pleasure my breasts.

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