Chapter 52 - Hidden truths

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Hidden truths


Alarm bells were ringing in the distance. But it didn't actually sound anything like an alarm. It sounded like church bells and it was quite loud. I scrunched up my face in annoyance and moved to shut the thing off, but I was stopped by a heavy arm draped over my waist. Confused, I opened one eye to see a sleeping Logan beside me, his beautiful black hair slighting covering his eyes. I grew wide awake and a smile formed on my face. I yawned and shifted to take in my surroundings. We were in a meadow with vibrant green grass surrounding us and yellow flowers littering the ground. A red and white checkered blanket laid beneath our bodies with a wooden basket at the side. A picnic!

I used my hand to wiggle Logan awake

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I used my hand to wiggle Logan awake. I always wanted to go on a picnic with him.

He groaned in his sleep before lifting his head. Our eyes met. Blue on blue. My smile widened till I was sure I was grinning like a creep.

"Sweetheart," his deep voice rumbled through my body, sending tingles down my spine. He lifted a hand and gently grazed my cheek. I close my eyes and smiled in delight.

"Wake up! We need to eat the popsicles I made before it melts!" I got up from my laying position and sat crossed legs. I didn't know how I knew that there were popsicles in the basket, but I just did. I think I made them with Bethany earlier today.

Logan laughed, a deep melodic flow reaching my ears. He didn't laugh often. He always felt too much pain to laugh. That would have to change from now onwards. Our meadow would fix everything. It would bring us calm. All he needed was me I'm here. I'm not going anywhere.

I felt Logan sit behind me and pull me into his chest. I giggled and brought the wooden basket with me. "Let's stay like this forever." He murmured, pushing my hair aside and placing soft kisses on my neck.

I sighed and leaned back against him. "I want to stay like this too."

Opening the basket, I peeked inside to look for the popsicles but shrieked and threw the basket away from us when I found black spiders inside. "Logan," I gasped, turning to face him. I gripped his T-shirt in my hands and buried my face in his chest. Safe.

He chuckled. "They're just spiders."

"I'm terrified of spiders!" I exclaimed. "And I want the snacks. This is a picnic." I couldn't help my whiny tone.

"I can't eat your snacks anyway," his voice suddenly turned sad, his hand grazing over the back of my head continuously.

"Why not? I made them just for you." I frowned and looked up to see him staring into the distance.

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