Chapter 6 - Bad news

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Bad News

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Bad News


I shut my locker quietly before resting against it. The hallways were loud and bustling with sounds from the immature students here at Southernfield highschool. I didn't particularly dislike the school, but I just never found anything that interested me very much like something at a museum, for instance, could interest me. Teenagers were very immature, youthful beings that found amusement in other people's humiliation and struggle. I never connected properly with many people, which was why Bella, Caitlyn and I were more on our own than with the rest of the students in our grade.

Southernfield was an admirably large school, that only accepted people with exceptionally well grades and the richest parents in town. There were those very rare people that got scholarships because of there extremely high grades. Those were the A+ students who I was not ashamed to admit, I was a part of. I pursed my lips awkwardly as I waited for the hallways to clear out. I hated walking and trying to maneuver my way though the crowd, and end up having my books knocked out of my arms or my shoulder knocked into a locker. Despite being of elite family and the most influential people of the state, students at this school were rough and inconsiderate jerks that I usually tried to steer clear of.

My eyes scanned the hallways, trying to search for Bella or Caitlyn but they were nowhere to be found. While Bella wasn't exactly from a rich background, she was one of those one out of twenty people on a scholarship. On the other hand, Caitlyn's mom was a medical doctor and her step dad was one of the most trusted lawyers in Seattle. Caitlyn and I were probably the only people who never judged those on a scholarship, because usually those people were amazing and financial status really does not define us. In fact, most of the richest at this school was mean and utterly evil. They were the type to dunk people's heads in the toilets or prank someone they deemed not so good looking just to humiliate them. Students were petty, but as long as there was no serious bullying going on I had no reason to intervene. I didn't want my head to be dunked, which was why you could probably have called me a coward.

I considered it to be more of protecting myself against the wrath of the evil student body.

While scanning the hallways for any signs of my best friends, my eyes met a set of dark brown ones. Those eyes belonged to the one and only, Gage Daniels. He was known as the bad boy of our school; always smoking at the back of the school, picking fights and showing up late to class. It's a wonder why he wasn't expelled yet, seeing as our headmaster was extremely sensitive to those topics. His parents must have great influence on the school, which was probably why he hasn't been kicked to the curb for his attitude yet.

I averted my attention away almost as soon as my eyes met his. Not only was he a bad boy, but also the biggest scum bag I have ever known. He liked picking on people for fun and messing with girls feelings. He was plain mean, and always wore a glare on his face.

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