Chapter 40 - Cabin trips

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A/n: This is how I envision Sera, but you can imagine who ever you want.


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Cabin trips


There were five days left of the summer vacation before school began again. I was both excited and nervous for the new year, but more nervous than ever. Our junior year teachers promised us a difficult senior year, saying that the workload would be far more and there would be less time to complete it. As much as I enjoyed school because I was enthusiastic to learn, I was also nervous about the people and having to set a certain standard to the lower grades by being a good senior.

There were five days left before school but I was already preparing. I prepared my school uniform and hanged it neatly up in my closet, and I packed my school bag with my books and pens. Usually, Bethany did everything for me before school but this time I wanted to take the responsibility for myself. I couldn't keep being babied like I was before. I needed to start acting grown too, and I guess packing my books for myself was a small start.

Being cooped up in my room for the last two days, I haven't seen or spoken to anyone besides my parents, Bethany and Gabriel. I haven't seen Bella or Caitlyn since they were spending some time with their families before school, nor have I see Logan. He has not messaged me either and I felt a little bit refreshed to be away from him. As much as I missed him I needed some space away from him without him constantly texting me. It was much to my surprise that he had not texted me. I didn't attempt to text him first either, feeling slightly nervous to initiate a conversation, most especially after everything we did on our date at the beach. I shivered just by the thought of how Logan had touched me. Oh my.

I stared into the mirror and brushed my long pink hair. I still have not gotten over the fact that I had dyed my hair a different color. Each time I looked into the mirror I was surprised. It caused this bubbling feeling inside of me, sort of like anticipation. That feeling could only be blamed on my curiosity about how Logan felt about my hair. The last time I saw him was in the game room when he met up with Gabriel. I left the game room heated and went straight to my room, not seeing him again for the next two days to follow. I just hoped he liked my new hair.

While brushing through my hair absentmindedly, I heard a knock at my room door. I placed my hairbrush down and walked toward the door. When I opened it I found Gabriel standing there.

"Yeah?" I asked pulling the door further open.

"Aren't you bored?" He asked.

I made a thinking face. "Hmm. . . Not at all. Why?"

"You must be bored." He said dryly.

"I'm really not. Why?" I asked again."A few of my friends suggested we go somewhere this week, like a road trip or something." He began explaining. This piqued my interest only the slightest bit. "So I told them that we could use Dad's cabin out in the woods for a small getaway. We're leaving tonight."

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