Chapter 20 - Hridhika please don't leave me!

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Third person POV

“HRITIKA!!” Siddharth screamed waking up from his uncouncious state.

Sweat dripped his forehead when he didn't see Hritika On the adjoining bed where he Had last seen her before loosing councious.

As after arriving he was going hysterical when doctors tries to take her inside another OT. Punching and pushing he tries to fight his way towards her while he was bleeding profusely. Finally seeing his behaviour Daksh requested doctor to perform both surgery in one OT, Having no other choice they did.

Daksh could feel Siddharth's pain when Siddharth was literally beating and threating every doctor he could find, demanding them to save her at any cost. As Daksh had also suffer like him in very young age when Hridhika died during kidnapping, he saw Hridhika for the first time in the amusement park when he was nine years old, since then he fell in love with her, after few years they were in love with each other like a pure ishqwala love.

“Calm down!! Calm down, Sid!!” Rishi tried to calm Siddharth as his heart monitor started beeping loudly.

“My Hritika!!?” He asked with a frown after getting slightly normal.

“S-She--- U-Umm---another ICU-- y-yes she get sifted in another ICU!!” Rishi completed his sentence with rush After thinking an excuse.

“Now spill the truth as you are very bad liar infront of me Rishi!” Siddharth narrowed his eyebrows in warning and Rishi gulped in fear-- Fear of his reaction after knowing the truth.

“H-Hritika’s parents came from india and take her away--far from this country and I couldn't convince them to stay---I am sorry your best buddy couldn't able to do anything, Siddharth!!” Rishi bowed her head in shame and said in choked up voice.

“Urgghhh-- Rishi why are you joking on serious matter!! I am going to see her myself!!” He screamed as he thought it's only few hours, how can anybody travel 14- 15 hours journey in few hours but he didn't know that it's been 2 days of that incident while Doctor and nurses rushed inside the ICU room.

Siddharth started behaving like a mad person listening Rishi, blood started pouring of his wrist vein when he tear out the IV drip from his wrist and tried to rush towards the door from the hospital bed but 6 nurses and Rishi immediately held him down on the bed while he struggled, screamed with his full strength as doctor fix his IV drip, give him anesthesia While he slowly loses his consciousness and changed his bloody bandage of wounded arm.

Mrs Malhotra cries watching her son suffering while While Rishi tries to console her keeping a stone on his heart.

Few hours later, The commissioner Mr. McCarthy himself come there as he was bestfriend of Siddharth’s mother and he somehow felt responsible. He report to Rishi that the snipper and  the one who was behind it, was caught. The man who was behind it accepted his all crime- about elevator incident, hooligans incident and shooting incident. He did it because of strong enmity and gotten lifetime imprisonment for his crimes.

“Mr. Malhotra, From now on our team will be responsible for your safety!!” The commissioner had promised to Siddharth when he gained his consciousness and left.

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