Chapter 10 - His Ears Turned Red?

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The mind says no, but the heart says yes.
The conflict between the two, makes life mess. ~ Today Quote.


Hritika's's POV

"Ahhh... What the heck!" Kriti screamed on top of lungs and I started laughing at her.

Well, she was sleeping in her cosy bed but she was snoring loudly all night and I thought to prank her.

I tried to wake her but she was sleeping like Kumbhkaran and I didn't have any other option other than splashing cold water on her.

'Ohho she sleeps like Kumbhkaran then how do you sleep.'

Ignoring the voice in my head, I look toward Kriti after controlling my laugh. Oh no, she looks very angry but her expression is very hilarious that I again burst out laughing.

"Chudail I will not spare you!" She shouted at me.

"Haha what will do?" I provoked her after controlling my laugh.

"Run before I catch you!" She jumped out of her bed while I ran for my dear life.

I hide behind the couch in the living room and looked towards Kriti who is looking for me with a small bucket of water in her hand but suddenly I can't see her so I started crawling slowly.

Suddenly something tap on my shoulder from behind.

"Shhh!" I hushed it but then the same thing again, I slowly turned around.

"What- Ahhh!" I screamed in horror seeing her and she grinned at me evilly while I shake my head, trying to form words.


"Ahhh... Mumma" I cried out and looked down at my soaked clothes with water.

Rest of the you know what happens in the fight so We continued our banter back and forth and we also play flour holi until I realised that I am getting late for office.

Yesterday, I mean on Sunday, we explored society And we came to know that there is a very beautiful Clubhouse which has Billiards, Table tennis, Mini theatre, Gym, Health Facilities, Indoor Games etc and outside has Play Area, Squash Court, Swimming Pool and Tennis Court.

We both also did swim in the swimming pool and play some games.

Rushing into the building I was greeted by Amelia but I immediately waved my hand towards her with a glance at her because I was already late and I don't want to get fired by my boss.

I decided to keep things between us professional because I came here away from my parents to pursue my dream which is experience my life like other workers.

As I walk out from the elevator but the booming sound from my boss office got my attention.

Oh god! Definitely I am gonna get fired.

I cautiously walk towards his office before I go in, a terrified guy came out wearing a coffee stain shirt.

"Thank god! you are here!! Please save me from being fired and make the coffee for sir. I am waiting in the cafeteria!" He frantically said and ran out as if his ass is on fire while Boss office door bursts open.

"Good mornings Sir!" I greeted in a small voice and he smiled as if I was the most amazing thing he had ever seen.

"Good morning Sweetheart and you are 2 minutes late. Can I know the reason Hritika?" He asked.

2 minute Seriously 2 minute.

"I umm Sir I- I will not be late again!" I said looking down.

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