Chapter 16

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Jamie's p.o.v

"Okay so here's the plan, I will go and talk to Nikki while the guys take kale out. This is where you come in Jamie, you walk in and say hey do you guys want to go out for lunch. Then i say 'actually i have paperwork to do' and walk out of the room, Leaving Jamie to work his magic got it" we all nod at Kacy's plan.

"Guys what if she doesn't like me" I ask.
"That is where plan b comes in" Derek pipes in

"What's plan b" kacy questions

"Where you and Jamie pretend to like each other and make nikki jelous.... Please don't hit me" he shrinks back. I'm guessing that kacy wasn't aware of this 'plan b'

"Oh okay that's alright, Jamie isn't the ugliest one. I'd be happy to pretend" she says

"Wha---" Derek was cut off as kale walked in. I tried my best to hide my glare. I will admit I was jealous that he had only just met Nikki and they hit it off so quickly. I had always liked Nikki, from the moment I first laid eyes on her. I loved the way her hair flew in the wind. She always smelled like lavender. Her eyes... I could always get lost in. Man I sound whipped.

"Hey guys" kale said. I even hated his voice.

"Hey man, me and Derek were just about to go to the arcade. do you wanna come" Mason asked.

"Sure let me just go get my phone" kale said and walked out.

"The plans going smoothly" Kacy whispered. Kale came back into the room.

"Ready" he said. They all stood up and walked out leaving me and Kacy.

At this point I felt really nervous. I'm pretty sure Kacy noticed to because she got up and came gave me a hug.

"Hey you'll be fine, if Nikki doesn't like guys like you. Well then that's too bad. Because you mr are the most caring, sweet guy I have ever met" she said. And hugged me tighter.

"Thanks Kace" I replied. As we pulled apart, Nikki walked in the room. She honestly looked like a model standing there. I could feel my heart starting to race, I tried to calm it down but nothing seemed to work.

"Hey kac--- oh sorry, am I interrupting something" she tilted her head looking adorable and confused. I grinned,I thought I saw a tinge of jealousy but I must of been seeing things.

"Nikki, hi. I was just talking to Jamie about going for lunch. But I have paper work to do so how about you go for me." Kacy said casually. My smile got wider by the second.

"Sur.. Sure" she nervously stuttered. I looked at Kacy to see her smiling like Cheshire Cat.

"Cool have fun you two, you know now that I think about it. You guys would make the cutest couple" Kacy winked at us and left. This was it. The plan was in action. I looked over at Nikki to see her blushing. I smiled

"So where do you want to go" I asked. Her forehead was creased and She looked deep in thought.

"Uh there's the new cafe that just opened, we could try that" she said

"Sure let me just get my keys and we will go. Meet you by the car" I replied

"Okay I'll just go get changed" she said looking down at her outfit. I looked her up and down. She was about to rush off when I stopped her.

"You don't need to change, what your wearing right now makes you look beautiful" she smiled. And blushed.

"Okay then let's go" she said grabbing my hand and walking out the door.

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