Chapter. 6

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I heard a woman's voice calling my name, I opened my eyes and looked around me. I was in a beautiful meadow. There were blue roses surrounding me that were absolutely breath taking. In the middle of it stood a very beautiful woman. She must of called my name.

"Hello who are you and where am I?" I asked as she turned around. I took in her appearance; she wore a gorgeous white flowing dress, white hair and grey eyes.

"My dear child, I am the moon goddess, I'm here to tell you that what lies ahead you must be ready for. You my dear child are something we like to call electus meaning the chosen one. Many of your powers have yet to come but I cannot tell you what they are. You must find them within yourself and embrace the power. Although I guess I could tell you what you are? Want me to tell you?"

"Yes please" oh god I sounded so impatient.

"Ok well you are ----

---Dream over---

Kacy P.O.V




SPLASH! I sat up shivering and looked around the room. Only to see the guys laughing there heads off. I lowly growled making them flinch. I was about to apologise but instead I let out a blood curdling scream. My body felt crushed, a burning sensation roamed within me. It felt like when I first shifted but way more painful. Suddenly the pain was over and I let out a sigh of relief.... Well squawk. Wait what.... I looked down to see I wasn't touching the ground anymore and I was fully on fire. Omg I'm a phenix but how do I change back..

"Just think of your human self Kacy" a delicate voice replied.

"Who are you" I asked

"I'm Faye your fire phenix"

"Cool so do I have the fire elemental now" I got excited

"Yes now change back your friends are worried"

I did as she asked and changed back. Only to see the guys looking at me bowing. Wonder why? I told them to stand up and looked at them with curiosity.

"Kacy your the vampire queen"



Hey guys sorry it's short. But I just wanna know if I should carry on. So please vote and comment. Love yah guys

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