Chapter 15

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Kacy's P.O.V
I woke up to the sun shining down into eyes. I stretched out and looked around the room seeing a tall dark figure standing by the door. I rubbed my eyes and did a double take there was nothing there. I sighed in relief.

"Good morning Kace"

As a normal person when you wake up and find someone in your room would do, I screamed. His hand suddenly went to my mouth to shut me up. I looked at the person properly and realisation came to me as I saw it was kale. My heart was still pounding from the wake up shock. That was when I asked.

"Kale what are you doing here, scaring the living daylights out of me?"

Just as he was about to reply the door sprang open revealing Mason, Jamie and Derrek screaming 'what's wrong' Each of them had a baseball bat... 'This is not how I wanted you guys to meet' I mumbled and sighed.

"Hey guys" I said yawning as if nothing happened.

"Morning K" they replied realising I wasn't in danger and putting the bats down.

"Who this" Jamie asked reaching for the bat in a protective manner. The air becoming thick.

"Well I guess it's sooner than I thought... Guys meet kale. My twin brother" I said standing up

The protective stance in the air suddenly vanished and became friendly and welcoming. The guys greeted themselves one at a time. I realised then that I was only in my booty short pjs and singlet and went bright red.

"Guys get out" I said in embarrassment

They all turned to me confused before It hit them and ran out shutting the door. Wait why was kale here in the first place.. I'll ask him later, I turned around and headed for the shower. It was a sunny day today so I decided to wear my blue rising sun dress. I rechecked myself in the mirror before opening my door and walking down stairs to the kitchen. I was greeted by Nicole, Kale and the guys plus the smell of bacon. Kale seemed to fit in really well as I saw him talking and flirting with Niki. They looked distracted so I turned to talk to the guys.

"So what do you think of my long lost brother" I asked and smiled.

"Meh I don't like him" Jamie said looking over at kale and Niki.

"Ohhhhhh someone's jealous" I taunted smirking

Derek and Mason looked at each other smiling and decided to join in.

"Jamie likes Niki, Jamie likes Niki" they whispered

I laughed as Jamie went bright red and told us to shut up. I then turned serious and said

"You guys would make a cute couple. But you better be quick your chances with her are falling fast" He sighed.

"Oh oh oh I know I know" Mason piped in

"We could set you guys up, you know help you get Niki" he said

"You guys would do that for me" Jamie asked

"Of coarse" we replied then went into a really tight circle

"Operation Jamie gets the girl" Derek snickered
Hey guys hope you liked it. What do you think Jamie and Nicole! But will kale beat him to it..

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