Chapter 13

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Unknown P.O.V

Well I guess I was to late.. "Dammit" I mumbled in frustration. I watched her from afar, she had definitely grown up since her parents died. All I wanted was to take my baby sister home with me, tell her the truth. After all these years I felt alone, and now I am told I had a sister that got taken away. I must see her... Tonight.

Kacy's P.O.V

I smiled at my new pack and tried out the mind link.

'Well can you hear me'

The replies were 'yes' 'omg that's so cool' and 'who's there' I chuckled at the last one.

"Well let the party begin" I shouted. Cheers came from all around and everyone scattered about. I walked over to Derek and hugged him.

"Thank you" I mumbled into his chest. I pulled out and looked into his eyes.

"For what" he looked down at me. Confusion clouded within his eyes.

" everything. Thank you for the day when we met in the forest. Thank you for taking me in. Thank you for being there. Every little thing you have done for me, I will never forget. I feel as I owe you" I said

"K, you mean the world to me, the day we met brightened up my life. You bring a purpose and that was a challenge I accepted. I will forever be at your side, guiding you to where the path leads. We are best friends, family. You are my sister and it is my job to do anything for your protection. So no, nothing is needed from you except your smile" I hugged him again. Derek really changed my life for the better and I supported that. We pulled out after a while and saw mason come up to us.

"Rek your hogging hot stuff" mason fake glared at Derek.

"Maybe it's because she likes me more than u" Derek smirked

"Does not"

"Does too"

"Does not"

"Does too"

"Does not"

"Does t--" I cut Derek off.

"GUYS I LIKE YOU BOTH EQUALLY" I shouted. They mumbled a quick sorry and I just hugged them. I pulled out.

"Um guys I'm just gonna go for a walk, but don't worry I won't be very long I just need to think" I told them as I walked off to the forest. The light shone down through the trees making a pathway of light and being me I just went with it. As I followed the light, a clearing came into sight. There was a beautiful old oak tree that towered over a patch of grass. It was graceful so I decided to make it my place. I walked over and sat down underneath the oak, the sun shone down on me making me feel relaxed. Slowly I began to drift off.


I jerked up at the sound. "Who's there" I growled looking around. It was now dark, must of slept longer than I thought.

A dark figure came into view.

"I don't harm family" the figure said.

"Jake" I asked? He shook his head.

"They really have got you fooled, haven't they" he stepped closer and I took in his figure. He looked exactly like me.. His black hair, those blue eyes. I took a step back. He sighed.

"Sit down this might take a while" I did as he asked.

"Ok so I'm your twin brother kale, our mother is the moon goddess, our father is the sun god. When we were born the castle was attacked, our parents separated us with our guardians for safety. They protected us as we made our way to the Safe house. Before we got there we were ambushed by rouges, they had witches with them who put a spell of mist around us. Dale (my protecter) fought with all he had but when they killed Lucy who was your protecter also his mate, he was outraged. He killed many of the rouges, although it was hard to see. Soon he had backup but little did we know you had already been taken. Our mother killed the witches remaining as the fog cleared and looked around. As dale took his last breath he pointed to where he hid me. Mother ran over to the tree, only to find me"

Wow.. I took in what he had said. It made sense, I didn't remember anything from the age of 6 down. Was this true? I asked myself. Has my life really been a lie.. I guess kale saw my confusion and hugged me.

"I never thought about that.. How I looked nothing like them" I sniffed. Kale just hugged me tighter.

We sat and talked for a bit longer before I got mind-linked by mason asking me where I was. I sighed and stood up and looked at my brother.

"Sorry I have to go my packs worried about me. I hope I can see you soon kale" I hugged him as he ruffled my hair.

"That's ok, and we can meet tomorrow night. See yah Kace" he smirked at me, knowing I didn't like the new nickname he gave me. I turned around and walked towards the pack house wondering..

"What other mysteries are there in my life"

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