Chapter 3

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* "Autumn who's this" his voice was husky and hot.

"Sky this is Kacy Scarlet, Kacy this is my brother sky" her voice was confident as the words came out

"Ok well I Sky Riverson Alpha of GreenLake Reject you Kacy Scarlet as my mate" *

Kacy's P.O.V

'Reject you' 'Reject you' 'Reject you'

Those words repeated in my head as my wolf howled in pain. I stood there shocked but agreed with his choice, no one could ever love me. So I did what anyone would do I ran off into the woods. He rejected me yet I didn't shed a tear, my body was weak, I felt not strong enough to go any further. "Why me" I screamed before settling down on the ground letting my feelings take over.

Jake P.O.V

"Yeah man your sister is hella hot" I laughed at Jakes comment as all the guys agreed. All day ever since lunch she was the topic. I loved my sister more than anything, she was all I had left...


"Jake go grab your sister, get her out of here!!! Take care of my baby girl" A tear shed down her face.

I looked back at mum as 6 rouges attacked her at once. She didn't even flinch as they ripped her apart. We were being attacked, I grabbed Kacy's hand and ran off into the woods. We hid in a cave hiding our scents so no one would follow. We stayed there for hours embracing each others sadness, as we pulled back I looked into Kacy's eyes. Fear and shock clouded within them, I turned around to see for myself what she was looking at...


He was hurt pretty bad, most of it was because of mum dying. I knew losing a mate was painful but in the state he looked it was much worse. I got up as he stumbled towards us, helping him sit down I knew we didn't have much time left with our father.

"Well done Jake I'm proud to call you my son" he whimpered in pain as the words drained him.

"Daddy please don't leave me" Kacy was on the verge of crying again

"Look after your sister will you jake" *cough* "I love you both very much don't forget" those were his last words as his spirit parted to be with mums. I pulled Kacy to me as she cried for the both of us, now it was up to me to be a strong brother and care for what was left of our family.

------------------------------------------------------ FLASHBACK END ----------------------------------------------------------

I had to be strong for my sister. I watched her and Autumn walk out the door, she was staring at someone. I watched as he walked up to them... She looked nervous. As I slowly made my way over I heard...

"Ok well I Sky Riverson Alpha of GreenLake Reject you Kacy Scarlet as my mate"

I stood still, trying to control my anger. I could feel my eyes darken as I saw K (Kacy's nickname) run. Instantly I growled and stormed over to where my sister once stood.

"What the hell bro! Why'd you reject her" at this point Autumn was raging at him

"She's weak why would I want a weak mate" he replied with a smirk

Suddenly I lost it and attacked him I threw punches to his face which cooled my anger. Derek tried to pull me off him but I just growled making him back off.

"Dude HOW DARE YOU REJECT AND HURT MY LITTLE SISTER! Don't ever go near her again or I will kill you" I could feel Vince strong hold in my voice.

At that point I took off running towards my hurt sister. I needed to see if she was safe, I needed her to calm me down.


//. Facts. .\\

- Jake is very protective of his sister

- Vince is jaz's wolf

- Kenzy is Kacy's wolf


Thanks guys for reading the next chapter will be up soon. Hope Kacy is ok??? Will Jaz find her??? Find out in the next chapter! Love you guys

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