Chapter 10

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Derek's P.O.V

I watched as Kacy broke down, her scream echoed throughout the woods. I'm pretty sure every one in our super natural world heard it. I looked at the guys and we all held her emotion in our eyes; pain,love,desire and anger. Finally the barriers around us were down and I ran over to where Kacy lay. I hadn't seen her in a state like this ever since the day we met, the guys and I helped develop her and from then on she was a strong girl. Now with Kacy like this all from what he did to her I can't stand to bare it. I whispered calming things to her as I laid her head on Jamie's lap and sprawled her legs on mine and masons laps. Soon enough when she calmed down I told her to rest.

"I hate seeing her like this rek" Alex whispered

"I know" I sighed why did life have to be so difficult for Kacy.

I looked down at Kacy's sleeping figure, she looked so at peace and graceful.

"She can't stay here man, she needs something to put her past behind her" I looked at mason gesturing for him to elaborate.

"Kacy cares for others like family, she needs to fulfil her needs for protection of a pack.. Her pack" he stated.

"What do you mean" Alex questioned.

"What I'm saying is we should create ourselves a combined pack of demons, werewolves, vampires and sirens" i sat there thinking about masons idea.

He was right. This would be what Kacy needs. A new part of life worth protecting.


Sorry it's short. What do you think? Will it work out? What will happen?

- rek is Derek's nick name.

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