Chapter 19

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Authors Note ~ hey guys im so so sorry. If i am being honest i kinda forgot that i wrote this book and never finished it >.< i will try finish it when i can :P


"Ah my child that's because I made you say those things, and I also made Sky reject her. My plan is to destroy Kacy and gain her pack and all her powers and to do that I need to get closer to that family of hers"

Kacy's P.O.V

Do you ever wonder the halls, feeling empty. I was still awake then as I am awake now. Sometimes I wish I could fix all my problems but as I watch them play out, I see others released, as the night stalks to dawn. I watch the stars fading and the sun come in to view. I realize that if you think of the what if's they turn into maybes.. I think of what has happened, My boys come into mind, Derek, Mason, Alex and Jamie. They have stayed with me as time passes, they help. I think of my pack, they all depend on me but we all depend on each other and that is what i call Family.. I'll start right now and from the beginning because that is when I noticed, even though the darkness has shadowed our groundbreaking light. All though we can't see, I stand tall to fight. I know as we almost hit our breaking points, we slow down to a patch of pitch black. However soon together as one we will rise.


Once the pack and i were safely back on our territory I was confused. I wanted to ask Alex what Autumn looked like when she said those things about me. Something just did not feel right. The pack doctor was looking after him so I decided to go for a run and I'd talk to him later when he is stronger. The woods always seemed to clear my mind from my troubles, there was just something about the sway of the wind through the trees and the way the birds sang high up through the leaves. I kept running until i reached the meadow clearing where I met Kale. I walked over to the big oak tree and sat down under it decided to play around with my powers for a bit to let off steam. I placed an invisible barrier around me with protection so no one would get hurt or see. Taking a deep breath, I called to thoughts and let my actions take over.

It was a blur as I watched my different forms take charge and be free. My siren sang as the ground shook sprouting daisy's from my elemental, Kenzie roamed the space freely as her wolfy self smiled at the vampire and phoenix. All together in the space of one.  I felt free as my spirits were alive.

Unknowns P.O.V

Such a pathetic girl did not deserve such power in her hands. The power she proclaimed needed to be in my hands. Kacy does not yet understand her full potential but once I'm done messing around with her little family, she will have no choice but to become my deadly weapon. Oh Kacy my dear child... Im coming for you but you cant protect everyone. I laughed as my plans had gone as predicted. Such a stupid girl. I must get closer to that family of Vampires and luckily I've got a birdie to do my dirty work gathering information on the inside for me right now. Bribery takes actions a long way when it comes to threatening the ones you love.

—- Authors Note —-
Hey guys i know its been forever, but I've only just come across this book again and realised i never finished it. So i promise to finish it soon.

Also who do you think the undercover spy is?

Love you all thank you for all your votes and reads ♥️

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