Chapter 12

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Kacy's P.O.V

I had decided to dress up a bit for my pack. The only trouble was I didn't know what to wear. There were clothes all around the room, yet I couldn't find anything. I sighed in frustration and sat down. I heard a knock at the door and looked up to it.

"Come in" I shouted not caring about the state.

"Hi... Umm I .... Are you ok queen Kacy" A girl that looked about my age said.

"Not really um ..." I finally looked up at the girl to take in her appearance. She had red hair and light brown eyes. Her pale skin told me she was a vampire.

"My names Nicole but I prefer Niki" she got more confident as she spoke. She came over and sat next to me.

"What's wrong queen Ka--- " I cut her off.

"Please don't call me that. Call me Kacy. Saying queen makes me feel old" I chuckled as she laughed looking around the room.

"Well looks like you are having clothing problems" I nodded.

"I have just the thing for you" she stood up and walked out the room. I sat there confused for like 5 minutes until she came back holding a red dress. It was gorgeous.

"Here try this on" she threw the dress at me and shoed me into the bathroom. I got changed into the dress which fit me just right. I opened the door and walked out. Niki gasped.

"Do I look alri---" she cut me off.

"Hun you look like an absolute model. I have great taste in you" I laughed. We are definitely gonna be great friends.

"Thanks but now it's your turn Niki" I replied with a smirk.

We got ready together with Niki doing my makeup and hair and me doing hers. I chose a black dress with a glittered top, and might I say it was defiantly her type of dress. Once we were both satisfied with our creations we linked arms and walked down stairs for the ceremony. We walked outside to the set up, I let go of Niki's arm and walked up on to the stage. Looking out to everyone I smiled as they all bowed down.

"Rise" I gestured for them to stand.

"Tonight we will become one" as I spoke everyone cheered.

"Can everyone please come together and hold hands" they all did as I asked. I walked down off the stage to join them. I looked over to Derek, and then glanced at the boys they all smiled back at me.

"Sed simul sunt, conjuncta in aeternum" (now we are together, bonded forever. It's Latin)

I felt the bond of everyone rush through me, giving me a slight headache. This was now my life, I was born to lead a pack and the wait was worth it. I have something to fight for, death is no longer an option. I smiled at my new pack and tried out the mind link.

'Well can you hear me'

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