Chapter 18

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Authors note - hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a very long time, I've just never had the time to get round to it but I will try update more often also if anyone has any ideas for what could happen in the story please message me :) ~ Run_Away_Cat


"Because this time I know what I want, I want you"
Kacy's P.O.V

I looked into his eyes. He was telling the truth. My wolf was howling in joy, screaming in happiness. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. He wanted me. My mate. Sky. Wanted me.

"Kace please say something" I shook my head and looked at Sky.

"One more chance" I whispered looking down.

"What" he mustn't of heard me.

"I'll give you one more chance, a second chance to start over Sky" I said raising my head to look at him.

"But this doesn't mean I forgive you. I'm giving you a chance to prove to me you mean it" I continued

"Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou" sky repeated falling onto his knees hugging my legs. I coughed.

"Oh right okay well I will prove my worthy Kacy I promise you that" and with that he stood up and walked away.

I just stood there..  What had I just gotten myself into, did I even want my mate? He hurt me but he wants me back..  Argh what do I do!! I decided  to go back to Alex after I ran off like that he's probably wondering where I am.

'Hey Alex where you wanna go for lunch' I mind linked him

'Kace we have trouble.. Teleport to Fergies... NO--'

I quickly mind linked my pack as I teleported to Fergies. When I got there my pack was standing behind me as we growled at.. Autumn?

"What's going on here... Why is Alex knocked out and bleeding" I growled.

"Oh Kacy" Autumn threw herself at me "He tried to attack me, that Bloodsucker tried to kill me" I pushed her off me and started to shake. That little liar. I ran over to Alex and held his hand, the boys instantly at my side all their eyes red.
"Al please wake up please don't leave me I need you big bro" I started crying he looked so pale. I felt a hand touch my cheek as I looked down I saw one of my best friends dying.

"Kacy what are you doing with those blood suckers they tried to kill me!!?" I heard Who I thought was my best friend scream. I turned around to look at Autumn.

"These people are my family. They loved me when your brother rejected me. They made me strong when he made me weak. They were there when you were not. How dare you lie to my face. HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY FAMILY" my body was shaking in anger, I felt Mason step forward and place a hand on my shoulder then Jamie. I growled for them to step back. My pack could feel my anger and hurt towards her. Alex I can't lose him. I took a step forward only to be held back.. I looked behind me and was about to growl when I saw it was Alex.

"It's true" he coughed

"She started saying that you were weak to run from sky again just like you did when he rejected you. She said she pitted you. Saying that you were weak. I'm sorry Kace it angered me. To think that she was your best friend and turned her back on you. Betraying you. Angered me. Her saying that.. So I attacked" he coughed. I stood there bewildered. Betrayed. I started to laugh. Laugh so hard.

"Oh Autumn, you and your pack. You and sky. This won't be the last time you see us. Oh and tell sky his sister just ruined his chance" I clapped and teleported back to our house.

Autumn P.O.V

After they disappeared my head started to hurt... What just happened I would never say those things to Kacy. Suddenly someone appeared in front of me

"Ah my child that's because I made you say those things, and I also made Sky reject her. My plan is to destroy Kacy and gain her pack and all her powers and to do that I need to get closer to that family of hers"

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