Chapter 11

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It was dark, I couldn't really see. Suddenly Lights shone down on me, surrounding me making a path. Curiously I followed it leading me to a.... Movie theatre. I walked towards the chair on it there was a note.

/press play/

I looked around and soon found the remote, I sat down and pressed play. The screen lit up and began to play what looked like someone's life... My life. It showed when I was little playing around with my brother, we were laughing. Mum and dad were smiling at us. Then it showed the rouges, my parents dying. My brother looking after me. My rejection that lead me to finding Derek,Jamie,Alex and mason. It showed me how happy they had made me, how they rebuilt my walls to make me stronger. I thought the movie would stop there but it kept going except it wasn't my life it was sky's? He was crying, cursing himself.. Did he really mean it. It then went back to my life showing me smiling out at what looked to be some sort of pack... Wonder why?

Kacy's P.O.V

I woke up still thinking about sky and the pack. Looking around I saw I was no longer in the forest but safely at home. I didn't really want to get up but then Derek came in.

"Oh good your awake. Meet down stairs, breakfast is ready. We have something to tell you" he said.

"Ok" I replied and got up to have a shower. I got changed into my denim jeans and love shoulder top. Leaving my hair down to dry, satisfied with my look, I walked down stairs. There stood mason,Derek,Alex,Jamie and around 30 vampires, 50 demons, 40 sirens. I mean I knew the house was big but I never realised until now. I looked at the guys raising an eye brow mason was about to speak but was interrupted by a vampire.

"My queen we want to join your pack" he spoke with pride guesting around to everyone. Then they all did the un expected every single person in the room bowed down. I didn't know what to say.

"All rise, Can someone please tell me what's going on here" I questioned as they all stood up.

"We all got a call saying if we wanted to join a pack with you which we accepted" a boy around 10 spoke up.

'Oh' was my answer. I looked around the room as a plan struck in my mind. Suddenly a thought struck me.

'This is my chance to start over and lead doing what I was supposed to do' finally I spoke up.

" alright I now accept everyone here into ummmmm" I didn't know what to call my new pack.

"Mystics pack" I looked around to see everyone's reaction to the name, they all nodded.

"We will begin the ceremony tonight and sleeping arrangements will be taken into hand"

Everyone nodded before leaving out the door. I sighed as the guys showed people to there rooms. This was what my dream ment. I was finally getting to do what I was made for... To Lead. I went back to my room to get ready for tonight's ceremony. This is going to be one heck of a day.

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