Chapter 4

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Strangers P.O.V

"Why me" her scream echoed throughout the forest. I watched as her body drained of all hope, she sat down to cry. I had a sudden urge to comfort the girl... I don't know why but her aura seemed to call to me. Although I knew it would be bad if anyone saw a vampire with a werewolf somehow I didn't seem to care.

"Are you ok" her head shot up, she looked at me in fear.

"I won't hurt you, I promise. just tell me why you are crying" she looked reluctant to answer but soon figured she was safe.

"Uh my m..m..mate just re..rejec..rejected me" her voice trailed off as she finished those words. I could feel how hurt she was. Anger shot through my body as i wondered who could do this to a beautiful girl.

"But why" curiosity roamed within my voice.

"I don't know.." She started crying and I pulled her in for a hug.

"So Blue what's your real name" I looked down into her puffy red blue eyes.

"I'm Kacy, who are you and shouldn't we be enemies. I mean your a vampire yet I feel safe around you?"

I'm Derek, and I don't know but I feel that you are powerful and for some reason I have to protect you"

She nodded but the question why still traveled in my thoughts. We sat there for hours talking about our lives and I knew a lot more about Kacy. She told me her secrets and I told her mine, we became good friends by the end of the day.

"Well Derek, thank you for the company. You have been great help, until we meet again I must return home" I smiled sadly at her words but knew it was for the best.

"Ok Kacy, call me if you need cheering up you know where to find me" we hugged before she ran off. Kacy was a special girl I could feel it and sooner than later she would figure it out.

Kacy P.O.V

It was around midnight when I finally got home, I opened the door to see my brother asleep on the couch. I ran up to him and hugged him tight, instantly he hugged me back. He knew I didn't want to talk about it and that's why I loved my brother, he is protective but spacious. As we pulled back I started to cry.

"Hey K, don't bother about him. He was a jerk to reject you... And I may or may not of beat him up..." I laughed at him. He really was the best brother I could dream of. We lay there and soon drifted off into a deep sleep.

In the morning I couldn't bare going back to school, let alone seeing him. I didn't want to stay, I had to leave just for some time to get use to it. Although I knew my brother wouldn't agree, still I went along with my plan. After I packed my bag and wrote the letter for my brother, out the door I ran, off into the forest to find Derek. He would help me out, I trusted him.

The clearing where we met came into my view. There lay Derek under a tree waiting. I smiled down at him.

"Hey Derek"

"Hey what's up"

"so ummm can I stay with you for a while?" He looked up at me with a wide grin.

"Do you mind living with 3 other guys?" I thought about his question for a bit.

"As long as they are nice and won't try to kill me sure" he chuckled at my reply before standing up.

"Don't worry if anything they will hit on you? I mean having a hot chick live with 4 guys, that's a sight I will never get used too" his reply made us both laugh as we wondered off deeper into the forest.

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