Chapter 5

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Jake P.O.V

Yawning I woke up, happy to feel my sister in my arms... Where is she? I got up and looked around, the house was dead silent. Curiosity hit me as I roamed though out the house, stopping at her door. I knocked but still no response. Where was she? I opened her door.. Her room was empty, as I scanned the room I saw the note.

/ jake,

By the time you read this I will be long gone. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I had to leave. Promise me you won't come looking for me ok, don't worry I will come back soon except when I do I will be a stronger person.. Tell Autumn I'm sorry. Don't forget I love you big bro!

Love Kacy

P.S tell sky he is gonna regret everything he has done. /

Shock traveled within my body. I was angry I need my sister to be safe, but what did she mean by stronger....

Her words reappeared in my mind... I'm really gonna miss my sister although I wanted to search for her I kept my promise...

Kacy's P.O.V

* recap *

"so ummm can I stay with you for a while?" He looked up at me with a wide grin.

"Do you mind living with 3 other guys?" I thought about his question for a bit.

"As long as they are nice and won't try to kill me sure" he chuckled at my reply before standing up.

"Don't worry if anything they will hit on you? I mean having a hot chick live with 4 guys, that's a sight I will never get used too" his reply made us both laugh as we wondered off deeper into the forest.


Within minutes we walked into a beautiful clearing. There was a little cabin on the side, at least I thought it was little.. Outside it stood 3 really hot guys. I sniffed the air and noticed that they were all vampires, must be the guys Derek talked about.

"Hey Derek" the first one said. He was tall around 6'2 with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. Overall he was pretty decent.

"Hey Alex, boys this is Kacy she will be with us for a while. Kacy meet the boys Alex,Mason and Jamie."

I shyly smiled and said hello while taking in there appearances. Mason was tall and looked around 6'4 he had black hair with deep blue eyes. Jamie was also tall with blonde hair and electric blue eyes. I don't know why but It already feels like home.

"K....K.............KACY" Derek yelled waving his arms in my face snapping me out of my thought.

"Huh sorry" the guys smirked at my reply. Wonder why?

We walked into the house and might I say it was amazing interior. I looked around in awe at the beautiful sight as the guys showed me my room. The walls were light blue, It had a massive walk in wardrobe and bathroom. And well for the bed it was really really comfortable.

"Thank you" I hugged Derek with him hugging me back.

"Don't worry about it"

"Oh and tomorrow we can go shopping and change your style gurrl" mason said with a girly accent.

We all laughed and walked into the living room. Even though I barely knew the guys I already felt safe and protected. We use the rest of the day to learn things about each other. It was around 1 when I decided to go to bed. I said goodnight to my new found best friends and strolled up to my room. I quickly got ready for bed and hopped under the covers. I was out like a light before I even knew what hit me.


The photo says Jaz but it's jake

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