Chapter 20

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Kacy's P.O.V

It was calm around me, I laughed as everyone played and embraced themselves. Looking down at my watch, time had flown by. So I decided to go see Alex. Taking a Deep breath, I slowly let the barriers around me down and mindlinked him to ask where he was.

'Hey Alex, Just coming to check up on you. Meet me in your room'

I teleported straight there but I felt like I was being watched. Someone was watching me in the woods. I shrugged it off and knocked on the door.

"Come in" I heard a weak voice say.

There on the bed in the middle of the room was Alex. He looked a lot better than he did but his wounds were still healing. He proper himself up on the bed and patted me to take the space next to him. My eyes started to water.. this was all my fault. I sat down next to him and started to cry.

"Hey Kace, look at me. Baby, Look at me, Im fine, hey shhhhh, Its okay, Im still here"

I felt his arms engulf around me. Comforting me, letting me know I didn't lose him. It calmed me down knowing he was still by my side. I began to wipe my tears and I looked up at him.

"You look like shit Ally and the worst part is you got bet up by my ex best friend" He laughed at my comment and pulled me in for another hug.

"You just wait until I'm fully healed" I smiled at his joke.

"Alex can I ask you something?" The air suddenly became tense.

"Whats up KK"

"Ive had this off feeling ever since I went back to my old pack, It feels like someones watching me. I know I sound Crazy right now but I just wanted to know, What colour were Autumns eyes when she was saying all that stuff about me"

"Well they changed colour, as she kept going on they turned into a black like something had angered her. Her tone began to change and she just began speaking like you had destroyed her life. Honestly It didn't even sound like her. Almost like she was being mind controlled" I stopped to think about what Alex said. What if someone was watching all those times? What if someone is out to get me? I don't understand I haven't made any enemies. This doesn't add up.

"Thankyou, ill let you get some more rest" I kissed his Forehead and headed for the door.

'Pack Meeting Downstairs in 5' I mindlinked everyone. Something is definitely wrong.

Within a matter of seconds, my pack stood in front of me all bowing down.

"Rise" I spoke as they all stood up.

"Has anyone felt anything weird lately" I asked

Everyone looked confused but they nodded in sync.

"Alpha K, if I'm being honest it feels like someones watching the pack" A mother spoke out.

"I woke up from a terrible Nightmare that you had gone rouge and burned down the pack house and there was someone in my room when I woke up"

"Are we being watched"

All these things being yelled out but I stopped on one. There was someone in the room. Does that mean we have a traitor in the pack..

"Silence" I yelled as the noise was starting to panic.

"I will need to speak to every pack member by the end of this week. I will get to the bottom of this. Dismissed" everyone nodded and left the room. I sat there in deep thought when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. Looking Up I saw it was Nikki.

"Alpha there's something you should know... It's about Jamie"

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