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LORELAI-JONES WU was coming to the end of her winter break, having Christmas and New Years just go by. She was sort of excited to be going back to North Valley since she had finally found a few friends after being alone for three months.

She was sitting by her desk, sketching out a design for a dress she wanted to make for herself. A faint knock came from the opposite side of her door, making her stop the sketch.

"Come in," she said, spinning around in her chair to be faced with her stepmom, Veronica who had a grin on her face. "So what's up?" Loreali asked.

"Can't I just come and see my favourite daughter?" Veronica said, walking over to her desk and leaning against it. Technically she isn't her daughter but they had a good relationship and were comfortable with that.

"I'm your only daughter and no you can't, you're up to something V." The girl said, picking up her pencil to continue but it the sketch pad was quickly snatched from beneath her. "What the hell?"

"You been hiding this from me?" The brunette flipped the pad over, showing the half drawn dress, "it's good mija but I need you to come downstairs for a minute." She tells her, confirming what Loreali had said.

"Ok I'll be down in a second." She tells Veronica as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Lorelai put her pencil and pad away into a drawer in the desk and grabbed her slippers before heading out of her room and downstairs. Even though the family had only been living in their California home for 6 months, the amount of photos and decor around could assume they've been there for years.

The girl walked down the final steps of the stairs into the living room, where both of the dogs were sleeping. Petey, he was a small pug and Buddy, a rather large golden retriever. Buddy noticed the girl walk past the couch and instantly followed behind her.

They ended up in the kitchen where both Eleanor and Veronica were sitting down at the breakfast bar, drinking some herbal tea. "Hey mom, V. You needed me?" She says, standing at the opposite side of the counter, buddy beside her.

"Yes we did sweetheart and it's nothing too bad so let that calm your nerves." Her nerves were calm but now they weren't, "so you know how you wasn't able to attend west valley due to there being too many students?" She nodded. "So there are two spots open and you're on of them, I just got the call to confirm you'll be starting there on Monday."

Loreali's face dropped, her mouth slightly opened. "You're kidding right? Why would I want to go there when I can go to North Valley." She complained.

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