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It had been around 3 weeks since the incident at Anthony's house, it ended with a few angry messages from Lj explaining she would be doing the rest of the projects from now on. Neither of them talked or interacted with one another except in Chemistry class.

Anthony's friends continued on tormenting Lj and Kenny but with Lj it was less of Anthony and more the others. Yet this time around they started to stand up for themselves in a way.

Now it was a Monday and both were at the new dojo's they had joined, ready to officially learn how to stand up and defend themselves. Lj walked through the familiar gates, going to the back of the dojo to see neither of the sensi's just five teenagers slumped on the deck.

"Uh hey guys," Lj said, it was quite but the same guy with a the mohawk noticed her, she was slightly scared of him from their first interaction. He gestured her to walk over but she was hesitant, so she stood their pulling a confused face.

"Just come here," he yelled, not an angry yell just a yell for her to hear. She quickly jogged over, standing beside them as they looked at her.

"I thought I was here to learn karate." She said, sitting down on the edge of the deck, her feet dangling off slightly. Victoria waved at her before standing up to face all of them.

"Yeah you're here to learn karate, our sensis are out learning each other's moves for reasons we can all guess," Victoria explained, making the rest of them nod in agreement. "So we all decided that while they're gone, we can teach you the basics of both Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang."

"All today!? Because I'm not the fastest learner," Lj looked at them all worried. Victoria chuckled at her and shook her head.

"No, all week after school, same time. Each one of us will teach you, since there's 3 eagle fangs and 2 miyagi-do's, it will be a rotation." Miguel explained, standing beside the blonde, wrapping his arm around her. "Today you'll be with Hawk back here while we practice out front."

Lj's eyes widened, trying not to pull a face, if anything she would rather work with Victoria or Miguel. Not the Hawk guy. "Oh ok,"

They all started to stand up and walk away towards the front of the dojo leaving both hawk and Lj alone. The girl was hesitant to move incase he flipped her to the ground or something.

"So you just gonna stand their or do you wanna learn some karate?" He asked, hopping up onto the deck and looking at her. She stood their in silence looking down at her feet. "Uh are you deaf or something because every time I talk you don't reply,"

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