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Lj knew Anthony didn't want her there for her than an hour, she had too much information over him. One wrong thing said to his parents and he would not have such a good day.

Little did she know Anthony was more worried she would find out the truth.

"So, what do we need for this volcano?" Anthony questioned, shuffling his chair closer to the table.

"I don't know." Lj said, grabbing her phone to search up what they needed. She hadn't thought about how to make it but it can't be that hard.

"So you think of this big plan and now you have no idea what to do?" He said, rolling his eyes. He watched her in annoyance because she ignored his question, she was just looking online. She started to write down a list, a few lines down and she ripped it out the note book, sliding it across the table.

"This is what we need LaRusso."

Plastic water bottle
Lot of newspaper
Paper Mache paste or glue
Masking tape
Small paper cup
Small funnel
Stirring utensil

"You gotta be shitting me? What even is half this stuff?" Anthony looked over the list, shocked at the amount of stuff they needed.

"It's what we need dumbass, so you got it or am I going to have to do it at home." Lj said, hoping he would say he didn't have any of the stuff and she would just go home.

"Uh let me ask my mom," he jumped out of his seat, walking down the hall into an office, leaving the girl alone in the kitchen. She wasn't bothered by it too much since she was just sketching out the design of the volcano.

After a few minutes there were the sound of a door opening and some footsteps, assuming they were Anthony, Lj called out. "Hey I got the-" but when she turned to see who it was, it was the other sensi from the dojo.

"Loreali?" He asked, putting is water down on the table, assuming he had just come from the dojo.

"Hi, I'm here to work on a project with Anthony. You live here?" She asked, her eyes following him while he walked over to the refrigerator, taking a bottle from her backpack. He chuckled at her slightly.

"Yes I do live here, you didn't know I was Anthony's father?" Daniel asked, grabbing a salad. Lj shook her head no but it made her realise how he learned karate.

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