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"Well Lj, welcome to Eagle Fang Karate."

Victoria motioned for Lj to follow her up towards the deck, she followed quickly, staying about a foot behind her as they walked closer and closer. All eyes were following them both until they stopped at the side of the deck.

"Who is that?" A man with a white headband with a lotus flower design on it. He looked oddly familiar to the girl but she couldn't quite think about how.

"I'm Lj, I wanted to learn karate." She said, feeling slightly uncomfortable with everyone in silence.

"Badass name." Another man said, he looked oddly familiar, he was blonde and wore a black headband. "So is she an eagle fang or miyagi?"

"Uh are they not the same?" Lj asked, she thought they were the same dojo to be honest.

"Ugh no. But kid, we will settle this one way and one way only." The blonde man said, "A fight."

The girls face dropped, mouth slight agape, not sure how that would be fair since firstly they were high school kids and secondly she had no fucking clue how to fight.

"Isn't that slightly unfair, I know nothing about karate. Plus they're all taller then me." She said causing the older man to role his eyes and throw his hands up.

"Well kid I need to know if you're badass or a pussy. Pussies go in miyagi do. Badass go with eagle fang."

"Ok ok Johnny, Miyagi Do isn't for pussies, it's badass." The two men argued back and forth for a minute while the older kids just rolled their eyes.

"Ok, ok. Sensi and Mr LaRusso, if you want to decide let's take Bert and Nate. Both are smaller, no offence, so it gives her a chance against both dojo's." A Latino boy said, trying to separate the argument.

"So I still get beat up. Great." Lj mumbled under her breath, confused why she can't simply just join. Victoria chuckled slightly and leant towards the girl.

"Don't worry, they have rules to follow. You haven't, kick them in the balls if you have to." She whispered before leaning back into her original standing place. "Also, don't show weakness."

"Great idea Diaz. Bert, random kid and Lj." The blonde man pointed to the deck, the girl watched the two older boys stand up. Not what she expected. "Hello?" He waved in her face, grabbing her attention back.

"Sorry." She quickly walked up and stood facing both boys, awkwardly smiling.

"Ok. Fight!" The man said. The trio sort of just stood in place, giving each other awkward looks. "Why you just standing there you two, scared of a middle schooler?"

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